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What is a podcast hosting platform?

A podcast hosting platform stores your podcast’s files and distributes your show to listening apps.

The platform will create your RSS feed (a link that stores your podcast’s data) which you’ll use when adding your podcast to listening apps. 

Questions to ask when selecting a hosting service


Will it help me manage my podcast? 


What stats are provided to measure performance?


Can I easily publish to listening apps?


Does it help me monetize?


Does it help me grow my podcast?


Will it help me promote my podcast?

CoHost is the best podcast hosting platform to
publish, grow, and measure your show

"If you have a podcast, you need CoHost. Simple as that.”
Sarah Johnson and Persis Abraham, Girl on Girl

"CoHost makes our podcasting process easier in every way. Since starting with CoHost, our podcast performance has grown exponentially. We’ve been able to track that growth in a clear, simple way through CoHost's analytics — especially compared to the hosting platform we were using previously. If you have a podcast, you need CoHost. Simple as that."

"Everything in one easy-to-use platform.”
Sarah Zandbergen, Take Back Talk Back

"CoHost has made me feel like a podcast expert, even when I was a beginner. It can be stressful to keep track of all the moving parts of a podcast, but CoHost makes it seamless – everything is in one easy to navigate platform. We can really drill down and see what is working and what’s not, to create even better content for our audience."

"It's a podcast hosting candy shop.”
Griffin Cork, The Breakfast Dish and The Die As Cast Podcast

"There are features that podcasters didn't know they wanted to until CoHost offered it to them. The Search Engine Optimization tools, the built-in transcription services, the tracking links; it's a podcast hosting candy shop. But really, it's the people behind CoHost that push it above any other platform out there."

Powerful tools to scale your podcast

  • One-click podcast publishing to all major listening apps including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Amazon Music.

  • Unlimited podcast hosting to continue growing your podcast without worrying about storage.

  • Realtime, robust podcast analytics with insights into how your show is performing and who your listeners are.

  • Trackable podcast links so you can discover what marketing tactics drive downloads and grow your show.

  • Automatic transcriptions to boost discoverability and make your podcast more accessible, at no extra cost.

  • SEO-optimized podcast websites to increase your show’s visibility on major search engines.

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