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Seamless podcast hosting & management

Easily publish, organize, and manage all of your podcasts in one account. Distribute across all the listening apps including:

Comprehensive podcast analytics

Our centralized performance reporting and listener profiles make it easy to measure and report on audience growth, engagement, and loyalty. 

Frictionless marketing attribution

Attribute podcast downloads to marketing channels and campaigns so you know where to direct budget and resources. 

SEO-first podcast features

Automatic transcriptions and podcast websites make it easy to increase your podcast’s search traffic and accessibility across search engines. 

Leading brands and agencies choose CoHost to manage their podcasts

Leading brands and agencies/choose
CoHost to/manage their podcasts

"CoHost has simplified the process of podcasting"
Hannah Bank, SickKids Foundation

"CoHost has simplified the process of podcasting enormously. By giving us access to a robust set of podcast analytics and audience data, the platform has enabled us to focus on what we do best."


"Everything in one easy-to-use platform”

Sarah Zandbergen, EQ Bank

"CoHost has made me feel like a podcast expert, even when I was a beginner. It can be stressful to keep track of all the moving parts of a podcast, but CoHost makes it seamless – everything in one easy-to-use platform. We can really drill down and see what is working and what’s not, to create even better content and grow our audience."

"Easy to adapt to our brand for a united content experience”
Randy Frisch, Uberflip

"CoHost has been an invaluable asset to us on our podcasting journey. The solution is well designed and easy to adapt to our brand for a united content experience. Overall, the CoHost team has been a tremendous partner as we navigate the ever-evolving podcasting landscape."

"We’ve been able to easily measure impact”
Conrad Page, Field Trip Health

"Through CoHost, we’ve been able to easily measure impact and how our podcast improves on our overall marketing performance for Field Trip Health. Our team is able to pull strategic insights that work to improve our podcast content and increase growth."

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We built CoHost to simplify our podcast process.
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