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Our Mission

Growing a podcast takes time, strategy, and determination. But despite your best efforts, it can be tough to understand where growth is coming from, what value your show adds, and what to do next. This means that podcasters are often left without actionable data.

At CoHost, we’re breaking the cycle. We are equipping brands and professional podcasters with the data and insights necessary to launch, grow, and of course, measure your podcast.

Our Story

For almost half a decade, our team of podcasting experts have been working with brands to launch shows from the ground up. But as we worked to create new shows, we noticed a major problem: There’s no easy solution for brands or professional podcasters to understand, capture, and leverage their podcast data. 

There's no easy solution for brands...

CoHost was born as a solution to our own pain points that ultimately centralizes a brand’s ability to launch as well as measure a podcast’s true impact.

We know CoHost is needed because we needed it. We built this solution to fix what us, along with so many of our friends in the industry, are still struggling with -- a lack of unified data that tells you the true story of how your podcast is performing.

The podcast industry is only predicted to continue to grow and with that growth, we want solutions that can keep up with our needs. CoHost is the only tool on the market that unlocks the power of your podcast's data and gives you insights into how you can grow your show and reach your goals.

Our Team

Fatima Zaidi

CEO and Founder


Jay Roberts



Abhinav Mathur


Stacey Orth


Martha Malloy

Fractional CPO


Stephanie Andrews

Head of Production and Product

Alison Osborne

Head of Marketing

Brittany Nguyen

Head of Sound Engineering, and product design.

Trevor Kluke

Head of Production


Lynn Wangchen

Graphic Designer

Jason Leung

Technical Producer

David Matta

Technical Producer

Mackenzie Patterson

Digital Content Strategist

Vihanga Ratnasinghe

Full Stack Software Developer

Elizabeth Sun

Web Designer

Miranda Furtado

Administrative Producer



Michele Romanow

Co-Founder & President, Clearbanc

Peter Reitano

Co-Founder and CEO, Abacus

Erin Bury

Co-Founder and CEO, Willful

Bruce Croxon

Partner, Round13 Capital

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