Frequently Asked Questions

CoHost FAQ's

How will my account be renewed?

Your account will automatically renew every month and directly charge your selected payment option.

When will more plan options become available?

We’re excited to be adding more plans to CoHost that fit your podcasting needs in 2022.

Where do I find my billing information?

You can find your billing information in account settings! Click "Settings" in the drop down under your name on the top right corner of CoHost to navigate there.

How does CoHost onboarding work?

When you sign up for CoHost, the platform will either import your existing show or to create a new show. Simply follow the instructions and you will be given access to the CoHost platform. If you are migrating to CoHost and would like us to add your previous podcast data, please contact our support team!

Podcast FAQ's

What is average consumption rate?

A percentage measurement directly pulled from Apple of how long, on average, your audience is listening to all of your episodes.

Learn more:  What is average consumption rate

What is an RSS feed?

Your RSS feed is a unique URL for your podcast that stores all of the data about your show. Podcasters use RSS feeds to send their podcast information to listening apps like Apple, Spotify, Google, etc.

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What is a download?

A download is a play of your episode for 60 seconds or more.

Learn more:  What are downloads vs unique listeners

What is a unique listener?

A unique listener is an individual listener that has played your podcast.

Learn more:  What are downloads vs unique listeners

What is a podcast hosting platform?

Podcast hosting is a service which stores and delivers your show to listening platforms like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and more. To do so, a hosting platform generates an RSS feed (unique URL for your podcast), which you submit to the listening platforms for approval. Once approved, you’re all set to schedule and publish new podcast episodes as you see fit.

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