B2B Podcasting: How to Connect with Your Audience and Grow Your Business

Quincy de Vries

How to create a B2B podcast that connects with your audience and brings in leads!

February 2, 2023

B2B Podcasting: How to Connect with Your Audience and Grow Your Business

When it comes to branded podcasts, it may initially seem that they are best suited for B2C brands. However, branded podcasts are a fantastic way for B2B companies to connect with their target audiences and increase brand authority.

Getting in front of the decision makers at brands is notoriously difficult, even using traditional paid advertising tactics. Branded podcasts can be effective in getting you in front of the right audience while also building authority.

What is a B2B podcast?

Before we dive in, let’s review exactly what a B2B podcast is.

A B2B podcast is a marketing or sales tactic that brands use to get in front of their target customers: other businesses. So to sum it up, B2B podcasting is branded podcasts but rather than speaking to individual consumers, you’re aiming to speak to other business leaders through your content.

This tactic also allows you to increase credibility in your industry and effectively articulate brand values and personality.

Some great B2B podcasts include:

Benefits of a B2B podcast

As mentioned above, there are various benefits to starting a B2B podcast. While your primary goals will be dependent on your niche and industry, the ability podcasts have to reach a wide array of audiences and cover topics in a longform format are a massive advantage.

Podcasts can be used to share case studies, industry insights and information that help businesses make more informed decisions.

Some of the other major benefits include:

Using your B2B podcast to connect with your audience

In the case of a B2B podcast, your target audience should be the decision makers and employees at the businesses. Developing clear as you create your podcast is key, as it helps you create curated and effective content. Knowing what sort of content is a value add for your target audience is the best way to grow and foster a following.

Here are a few strategies you can employ when creating and building your B2B podcast to connect with your audience and grow your business:


Inviting guests onto your podcast is a great way to draw in audience members who may not typically listen. When creating your B2B podcast, interview people within your organization to showcase internal culture and decision making processes, or leaders in the industry who will bring unique insights to your listeners.

Repurposed content

Podcasts are content goldmines. You can easily repurpose quotations, audio/video snippets, and insights to create content for your other channels like social media, newsletters, and email campaigns. Think of that omni-channel approach!

Thought leadership

Podcasts allow you to build authority within your industry, which is ultimately a lead generator. By providing valuable content, your name increasingly becomes an authority figure within the industry. Associating your brand with high quality content will naturally translate into potential leads.

Niche development

Finally, podcasts can allow you to really hone in on a niche. Find a differentiator that makes separates you from other brands in your space and take advantage of that in your podcast.

We know that it might seem appealing to cast a wide net and go broad with content but we’ve repeatedly seen this strategy fail for brands. With the rise of podcasts, getting clear on who you want listening to your show is go. This can allow you to more easily become the go-to brand and podcast in your space.

B2B Podcasting: How to connect with your audience and grow your business

All in all, creating a podcast for your B2B brand is part of a well rounded marketing strategy. Podcasting is exploding in popularity, and now is the time for brands to break into the audio space and leverage the potential of branded audio.

If you have questions about kickstarting your brands podcast, feel free to get in touch with our team!