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How Straight Up Podcasts Uses CoHost to Gather Deeper Audience Insights

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About Straight Up Podcasts

Straight Up Podcasts is an independent podcast producer working with a variety of clients ranging from the tech, real estate, and finance industries. 
His services include podcast editing, sound design, production, and on-site recording.

The Challenge:
A lack of audience analytics and confusing platform interfaces

Straight Up Podcasts Pain Points:

  • 1 A need to gain a deeper understanding of who his client's podcast audiences are
  • 2 Struggling with confusing podcast hosting platform interfaces
  • 3 Having to source numerous software and tools throughout his podcast workflow

Straight Up Podcasts wanted to better understand audience behaviors and engagement with new content. This is a common need from many agencies, producers, and brands as the branded podcast landscape continues to evolve and audience behavior changes.

Get the analytics your
B2B podcast needs


The Solution:
CoHost’s deep insights into podcast audiences

Deeper Insights and Robust Analytics

After joining CoHost, Straight Up Podcasts has discovered better insights into analytics that he can provide to his clients. With data points like Show Consumption Rate, Downloads Over Time, Episode Comparisons, Unique Listener dashboards, and Tracking Links, Straight Up Podcasts can gather the information it needs to understand performance and impact and effectively communicate that information to its clients.

Audience Profile Dashboard

For Straight Up Podcasts, the most impactful feature has been CoHost’s Audience Profile Dashboard. This dashboard has given him the ability to gain helpful data points such as popular days, times, country, and even the city of listeners.

Easier Client Management

Additionally, Straight Up Podcasts has been able to clearly communicate and show its clients how their shows are performing with CoHost’s easy interface.

The Outcome:
Making it easy to pull impactful results and data

Now, Straight Up Podcasts can easily pull in detailed analytics beyond the typical ‘How many downloads did this episode get.’ Because of this, he can be more strategic with marketing and growth.

CoHost features that have made the biggest impact on Straight Up Podcasts

Image of Audience Profile Dashboard

Audience Profile Dashboard

CoHost’s Audience Profile Dashboard has made it easy for Straight Up Podcasts to report on who’s tuning into his client’s podcasts and whether or not they’re reaching their target audience. Having this section live in its own dashboard has made for easy access and use.

Image of CoHost’s Tracking Link Analytics

CoHost Tracking Links

When it comes to podcast marketing, Straight Up Podcasts takes advantage of CoHost’s Tracking Links to understand which channels are bringing in downloads and which ones aren’t. This allows for more campaign optimization and strategy, something their clients value.

Image of Automatic Transcriptions Dashboard

Automatic Transcriptions

With Automatic Transcriptions, Straight Up Podcasts has been able to add additional value to its service offering. For Straight Up Podcasts, this additional offering has been simplified since it’s all offered within CoHost, he no longer has to source additional platforms to cover client services.