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Changing the way we
understand our listeners

Shape content to
listener preferences

Verify if podcasts are
reaching target audiences

Drive growth by
knowing listener behaviors

Enhance your podcast with CoHost’s Prefix

CoHost’s Prefix is our tool that allows you to gain industry-leading analytics and audience insights from the CoHost platform without having to change your podcast hosting provider.

Our team will work with you to set up the prefix on your RSS feed so you can easily track the data you need to understand your audience and measure performance.


Don’t settle with 'how many’:
Understand 'who' and 'why'


Breakdown of companies listening

Get an in-depth look at the companies listening including their size, industry, location, and revenue.

Compare episode performance and listenership

See which companies and industries are listening across episodes to understand audience preferences.

Maximize lead generation efforts

Recieve an exportable list of companies that listen for engagement and lead gen.



In–depth listener demographics

Discover your listeners' age, income, family members, and more in a Listener Profile to verify if you're reaching your target audience.

Know the content that resonates with listeners

Get a detailed look at your listeners’ interests, sub-interests, and lifestyle type so you can curate content effectively.

Explore listeners’ social media behavior

See your listeners' social media consumption and habits so you know which channels to nurture in your marketing mix.

Explore Advanced Audience Demographics

**Demographic information provided is an estimate based on information provided in the RSS feed. It is a sample of your overall listenership that is created from valid data that can be matched back to accurate, thoroughly researched data. 

Access industry leading data
while keeping your hosting setup

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CoHost to measure performance

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