CoHost As An Alternative to Chartable’s B2B Analytics

In the absence of Chartable's B2B Analytics, discover how CoHost offering powerful tools that not just substitute but surpass the capabilities of Chartable's B2B Analytics for brands and agencies.

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What makes CoHost different?

Companies Listening Show & Episode Breakdown

CoHost gives brands and agencies detailed, episode-specific, or aggregate show insights into the companies that are listening to your podcast, offering an in-depth understanding of audience composition, content resonation, and overall listener insights.

Company Size, Industry, Location, and Average Revenue

CoHost's B2B Analytics tool provides data on company size, industry, location, and average revenue. These insights allow brands and agencies to better understand their audience and target persona.

Exportable Dashboard

Emphasizing usability and convenience, CoHost's B2B Analytics feature includes an option to export your dashboard in a PDF or CSV file. This allows users to easily send the data to other team members or tools such as your company’s CRM.

Designed for agencies and brands

CoHost was developed by the podcast agency, Quill, with a focus on meeting the unique needs of other podcast agencies and brands. Our team created CoHost out of our own need for better analytics and insights to serve our clients.

Leading brands and agencies choose CoHost to manage their podcasts

Leading brands and agencies/choose
CoHost to/manage their podcasts

"CoHost has simplified the process of podcasting"
Hannah Bank, SickKids Foundation

"CoHost has simplified the process of podcasting enormously. By giving us access to a robust set of podcast analytics and audience data, the platform has enabled us to focus on what we do best."


"Everything in one easy-to-use platform”

Sarah Zandbergen, EQ Bank

"CoHost has made me feel like a podcast expert, even when I was a beginner. It can be stressful to keep track of all the moving parts of a podcast, but CoHost makes it seamless – everything in one easy-to-use platform. We can really drill down and see what is working and what’s not, to create even better content and grow our audience."

"Easy to adapt to our brand for a united content experience”
Randy Frisch, Uberflip

"CoHost has been an invaluable asset to us on our podcasting journey. The solution is well designed and easy to adapt to our brand for a united content experience. Overall, the CoHost team has been a tremendous partner as we navigate the ever-evolving podcasting landscape."

"We’ve been able to easily measure impact”
Conrad Page, Field Trip Health

"Through CoHost, we’ve been able to easily measure impact and how our podcast improves on our overall marketing performance for Field Trip Health. Our team is able to pull strategic insights that work to improve our podcast content and increase growth."

"The B2B analytics feature set is phenomenal”
Jake Jorgovan, Founder of Content Allies

"CoHost is one of our go-to hosting platforms for B2B podcasts. The B2B analytics feature set is phenomenal and gives our clients the KPIs and metrics they need to show value from their podcast. The tech support is also top-notch. With CoHost, you speak to humans who get back to you quickly with any issues or concerns.

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