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What is CoHost and How Does it Benefit Brands and Agencies

Last updated on

November 2, 2023

What is CoHost and How Does it Benefit Brands and Agencies

Exploring CoHost, a seamless podcast hosting and analytics solution for brands and agencies. From B2B Analytics to audio insertion, CoHost equips your business with accurate data and cutting-edge tools to make a measurable impact.

Tianna Marinucci


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Every marketer knows the challenges of measuring podcast ROI. After working with branded podcasts for over 5 years, our team realized that podcast tools are disjointed, inefficient, and frankly not built for marketers. 

With more companies adding podcasts to their content marketing strategy, empowering brands and agencies with podcast insights and lead-generation solutions becomes all the more essential.

Enter CoHost. CoHost is a seamless podcast solution that equips brands and agencies with sophisticated tools to boost podcast growth, reach, and revenue. By providing accurate and relevant data, CoHost empowers companies with insights to make a measurable impact through audio.

CoHost offers many powerful features to help brands and agencies over the course of their podcast journey. 

Here are some of our favorites:

B2B Analytics for companies & industries 

CoHost’s B2B Analytics provides in-depth insights into what companies are listening to your podcast along with their size, industry, average revenue, and location across listening apps.  

Our team designed B2B Analytics with ROI and lead generation at its core. Our goal is to simplify lead attribution and revenue reporting for marketing teams.

Brands and agencies can use B2B Analytics to attribute marketing leads, identify engagement touchpoints, ensure their hitting the right target audience, and measure ROI. To accomplish this, here is a short list of some of our most used features:

Company Breakdown

Company breakdown offers a comprehensive look at the companies listening to your show. This metric is broken down into company size, industry, location, and average revenue, so you can make sure you’re reaching your target audience. 

Episode Summary Page

Now we’re getting granular. With B2B Analytics, you can view and compare the companies listening to each episode by company size, industry, location, and average revenue.

Lead Generation 

CoHost helps your sales team optimize their lead generation efforts by connecting your podcast to qualified leads. We offer an exportable list of the companies listening to help your team identify key prospects that you can engage in your lead-generation strategy.

Automatic Transcription 

CoHost offers its users the opportunity to transcribe their podcasts without any extra tools and at no extra cost. With our automatic transcription feature, you can repurpose your podcast into additional content to share across social media platforms and render your content more accessible to your listeners. 

With the help of AI, CoHost is able to easily transcribe your podcast. This means each episode of your show is automatically added to your transcription library and is ready to be transcribed at any time.

Transcription Editor 

You can edit your speakers and text directly in the CoHost platform. Simply save your transcriptions as drafts if you’re not ready to publish or download them into a Word document.

Publish transcripts to your CoHost site

Directly publish transcripts to your automatic CoHost Website or download them as a Word document to help boost SEO, discoverability, and accessibility on your already existing website.

Increase accessibility

Expand your audience and provide hearing-impaired audiences the option to consume your podcast in a written format. 

Audio Insertion designed for brands and agencies

At CoHost, we understand the value of your time. That is why we designed our Audio Insertion Tool to help branded podcasts and creators quickly insert pre and post-roll audio in singular or multiple episodes. 

Organizing snippets and dynamically adding audio for seamless editing and monetization has never been easier. Here’s why:

Pre and Post-Roll Insertion

Users can insert pre and post-roll audio snippets into any episode in your CoHost library - regardless of publication status - to monetize with ads or dynamically edit content. This can be valuable for brands if there are any new products or services that you’re looking to advertise throughout your episodes. 

Dynamic Editing

With CoHost, you can add, edit, and, replace pre and post-roll audio in bulk to increase efficiency and save time.

Audio Quality

There’s nothing worse than publishing a podcast with technical glitches. Before publishing, make sure your episode sounds just the way you like by checking for high-quality and consistent audio.

Simple organization 

Label your audio files on CoHost and make content management easy. Whether it’s for a sponsor ad or a cross-promotion, CoHost helps you stay on top of your files.

CoHost Tracking Links 

Are you looking to optimize your podcast marketing campaigns but can’t find the data you need? 

CoHost Tracking Links show you what sources your podcast downloads are coming from so know which marketing channels to nurture and which to place on the back burner. 

CoHost Tracking Links level up your brand’s marketing efforts by:

Tracking the source of your downloads

See where your downloads are coming from. This information lets you know which marketing channels are bringing the most podcast downloads.

Consolidating listening app links 

Stop losing listeners with confusing link landing pages. Simply give CoHost access to the listening apps you want to display in your link menu and your audience can find what they need all in one place. 

Individual Link Analytics 

As marketers, we want to uncover what content resonates with audiences. Do a deep dive with the data of each individual tracking link and episode to see what content audiences are engaging with across platforms.

Single Tracking Links 

CoHost makes link tracking easy by providing one tracking link for all marketing channels. That’s right, no more wasting time creating individualized tracking links for each marketing channel. You can track all download sources with just one link.

How CoHost benefits brands and agencies 

From edits to analysis, CoHost is a seamless podcast analytics and audience insights tool that empowers brands and agencies with cutting-edge tools and reliable data they need to launch, grow, and measure podcasts.

By leveraging CoHost, brands and agencies can truly harness the power of podcasting to drive their messages home, foster deeper relationships with their audience, and ultimately, propel their marketing goals forward. 

If you’re interested in seeing how CoHost fits into your brand or agency, book a demo with our team!