Abhinav Mathur


Abhinav is Quill's CTO and brings five years of experience in creating, managing, and scaling tech platforms. Abhinav is very passionate about solving problems using his experience with a wide variety of web technologies. He has experience in creating platforms from scratch, working with stakeholders, managing 3rd party relationships, maintaining developer growth, contentment, and retention, and working very closely with the management and product teams to fulfill their mission and vision for the company.

Before joining Quill Inc. as their CTO, he has worked as a technical co-founder and full-stack developer in his past companies. He understands the startup landscape very well and has led startups through various accelerators, including Techstars Chicago in 2018.

Abhi is also very passionate about e-commerce and streetwear designs and wants to have his own fashion brand one day. In his free time, he prints clothing, and currently, he is working on streetwear designs for cat enthusiasts.

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