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Content Allies saving resources with CoHost

How Content Allies Was Able to Save Time and Cut Back on Platforms with CoHost

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About Content Allies

Content Allies is a podcast production agency dedicated to helping B2B organizations transform their podcasting strategies into revenue-generating pipelines.

With a client portfolio of global brands such as Meta, AWS, Cisco, Siemens, and Alibaba, Content Allies understands the intricacies of the B2B landscape and what these brands need to level up their content strategies.

The Challenge:
The podcast hosting landscape wasn’t tailored to B2B brands

Podcast hosting is a necessary investment for podcast agencies to ensure their clients’ podcasts are found across all listening apps. But although necessary, navigating the podcast hosting landscape was no easy feat for Content Allies.

Content Allies Pain Points:

  • 1 Existing solutions are heavily geared towards B2C podcasters and not B2B brands
  • 2 Existing solutions had inconsistent metrics and tracking, leading to discrepancies across client accounts
  • 3 The Content Allies team had to juggle multiple podcast platforms in order to get subpar data on their client's performance

But their most pressing challenge? A robust B2B analytics solution. Content Allies needed insights into which businesses were tuning in, but existing providers either had poor offerings or abandoned the feature altogether to focus on creators rather than brands.

Get the analytics your
B2B podcast needs


The Solution:
Discovering CoHost, a podcast hosting and analytics platform serving brands

B2B Centric Podcast Hosting and Analytics

The search for a B2B-centric podcast hosting and analytics platform ended with CoHost. Unlike generic platforms that cater to broad audiences or focus on pro podcasters, CoHost is laser-focused on delivering value to companies and the agencies that produce branded podcasts. Content Allies now has access to deeper insights into their client's podcast performance through features like B2B Analytics, Advanced Audience Demographics, CoHost Tracking Links, and Download and Unique Listener Dashboards.

Saving Time and Resources

In addition to having more robust analytics to back their content decisions, Content Allies now has the ability to save time and resources. The team no longer has to juggle multiple podcast and data platforms in order to produce and measure their client’s shows. With CoHost, they can distribute, grow, and measure podcasts all in one place.

Enabling Data-Driven Decisions

The Content Allies team values data and is eager to base decisions on data. With CoHost, the agency can now answer questions like who the podcast listener is, what resonates with them, what contributes to the growth of the show, and what doesn’t move the dial.

Jake Jorgovan, founder of Content Allies

Too many companies start their podcast on whatever tool they see in the market, and the reality is that most podcast hosting platforms are focused on B2C podcasters. They will be releasing features that are not useful to you, and you will never get the level of support that you do with CoHost.

The Outcome:
A partnership creating an impact in podcasting

Switching to CoHost revolutionized Content Allies' podcasting strategy. The clarity and reliability of CoHost's data meant that Jake and his team could present clients with organized reports and a clear path to ROI.

The numbers speak for themselves. Content Allies confidently migrated over 30 accounts onto CoHost, a testament to the platform's prowess.

For businesses venturing into podcasting, the choice of hosting platform is crucial. Jake, reflecting on his journey with CoHost, states: "It is the best tool in the market for B2B podcasters.”

In the evolving landscape of podcasting, CoHost stands out as a resource for B2B companies. With its data-driven features and focus on branded podcasts, CoHost ensures that agencies like Content Allies don't just podcast - they grow.

CoHost features that have made the biggest impact on Content Allies

Image of B2B Analytics Dashboard

B2B Analytics: Companies & Industries

Firmographic data was key for Content Allies. CoHost's B2B Analytics: Companies & Industries feature offers insights into which businesses are listening to a client's podcast along with the business's size, industry, location, and average revenue.

Image of Episode Launch Performance Chart on CoHost

Episode Launch Performance Charts

The team at Content Allies is data-driven and requires insights that allow them to make decisions based on data. Charts like CoHost’s Episode Launch Performance Chart provide a visual representation of episode performance, facilitating those data-driven content decisions.

Image of CoHost’s Tracking Link Analytics

CoHost Tracking Links

Acting like a LinkTree for podcasting, CoHost’s Tracking Links prove invaluable for Content Allies to assist clients in sharing episodes across marketing channels and seeing the click-to-download metrics.

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