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15 of the Best Podcast Hosting Platforms

Last updated on

February 27, 2024

15 of the Best Podcast Hosting Platforms

The Top Podcast Hosting Sites

Sheba Zaidi


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15 of the Best Podcast Hosting Platforms   

There are countless podcast hosting platforms out there and it can be challenging to pick the best one for your show. 

Choosing a reliable podcasting hosting platform is critical for your podcast because they can help you grow your audience faster – which, as you know, we all want – while also making it easier to manage and distribute your show to the world. 

We’ve compiled 15 of the most popular podcast hosting platforms to help make your life easier when choosing the best fit for your show. Many vary in pricing, services offered, and their target podcaster. So, let’s dive right in!

1. CoHost

We won’t spend this article tooting our own horn, but we’re just too excited to share with marketers what we’ve built for them. By equipping brands and agencies with sophisticated tools to boost podcast reach, growth, and revenue, CoHost empowers users with insights to make an impact and measure ROI.

Created by the award-winning podcast agency, Quill, CoHost was created out of a need that we saw in the podcast industry - tools for growth and measurement. Over our time in the podcast industry, it became apparent that podcast tools are disjointed, cumbersome, and, frankly, not built for marketers.

That’s why we created CoHost, a seamless podcast solution that provides agencies and brands with the cutting-edge tools to succeed all in one place. 


  • Analytics Dashboard: Consumption rate, growth rates, top episode vs. latest episode insights. 
  • B2B Analytics: Company breakdown, listener engagement, individual episode breakdown, and exportable downloads list for lead generation.
  • CoHost Audience Profile: Listening app breakdown, download data by time of day, and downloads by location.
  • Audio Insertion: Pre and post-roll insertion, audio quality, dynamic editing, and streamlined file organization. 
  • Automatic Transcriptions: In-app transcription tool for effortless editing, distribution, boosted SEO, and accessibility.
  • Downloads and Unique Listener Performance Metrics: Downloads over time, episode launch comparison, and episode breakdown data all with segmented downloads or unique listener dashboards. 
  • Podcast Hosting: Custom media player, multi-show management, collaborative team settings, and one-click publishing capabilities.
  • Podcast Website: Automatic, SEO-optimized podcast websites with complete customization and automatic episode and transcript uploads.  
  • Tracking Links: Consolidate listening app links with the ability to track download sources, individual link analytics, and single tracking links.


  • $35/month CoHost Lite package for small agencies, businesses, and producers
  • Contact us for enterprise pricing

2. Buzzsprout

Buzzsprout has been around since 2009 and has built a strong community of podcasters, which includes some of the best out there. It is one of the easiest podcasting hosting providers for beginners.


  • Submits episodes automatically to all the top podcast directories
  • The embeddable podcast player looks great and works well on all screen sizes
  • Built-in transcription integration
  • Includes text editor for show notes
  • Affiliate marketplace and the ability to add team members
  • Builds websites that are customizable design-wise 


  • Limited free plan for 90 days
  • Paid plans start at $12 / month for 3 hours of upload
  • Note: their paid plans have storage and bandwidth limits

3. Podbean

Podbean has become a popular podcast-hosting service within the industry. It’s a great option for podcasters that are either just starting out or indulge in podcasting as a side hobby. 


  • Unlimited podcast hosting plans with unlimited bandwidth 
  • Design tools to host websites with customizable themes
  • Easy-to-embed Podbean podcast player directly into your WordPress posts 
  • Submits episodes automatically to all the top podcast directories
  • Advertising marketplace which provides opportunities for podcasters to monetize content


  • Free Plan with limited storage
  • Paid plans start from $9 / month with unlimited storage, advanced stats, a website, and custom domains

4. Captivate

Captivate is a brand-new podcast host that is focused on growing podcast audiences. 


  • Unlimited number of podcasts, unlimited team members, a new podcast player, and advanced analytics
  • Podcast marketing tools allow you to automatically generate links to places like Overcast and Pocket Casts
  • Customizable, mobile-friendly website with donation support built-in 
  • Build email lists and generate new leads with podcast player calls to action 


There are three pricing models, and you can get a 7-day free trial to test things out. 

  • Podcaster Plan ($19 / month): up to 12,000 downloads/month
  • Audio Influencer Plan ($49 / month): up to 60,000 downloads/month 
  • Podcast Brand Plan ($99 / month): up to 150,000 downloads/month 

5. Castos

Castos is the best podcast hosting service for WordPress. The platform places a large emphasis on automation. 


  • Automatic transcription (added to your dashboard within minutes after uploading audio files)
  • Features to republish to YouTube
  • Customizable podcast webpage
  • Podcast analytics


There are three pricing models, and you can get a 14-day free trial and get 2-months free on annual plans. 

  • Starter ($19 / month): unlimited storage and perfect for the essentials
  • Growth ($49 / month): Features above, plus YouTube republishing and custom audiograms
  • Pro ($99 / month): Features above, plus advanced analytics and video file hosting

6. Transistor

Transistor is a powerful yet easy-to-use podcast hosting service for professionals and beginners. 


  • Unlimited podcast hosting plans (don’t charge you for hours of upload as some other hosts do)
  • Easy to upload your podcast media and publish it
  • Podcast analytics
  • Embed code allows you to easily add each episode to your WordPress posts and pages 
  • Easy to create a website


  • Starting from $19 / month for up to 10,000 downloads each month
  • Note: Their plans do limit the number of downloads which means you need to upgrade your plan as your podcast grows

7. focuses on being an easy platform to launch and grow your podcast. 


  • Unlimited storage and bandwidth 
  • Offers a wide range of tools, such as episode scheduling and social media integration
  • Partnerships to help boost their audience and find the right sponsor to meet their needs
  • Unlimited downloads and episodes recordings 
  • Podcast analytics
  • Monetization options include sponsorship opportunities via Podcorn and a donate button on your free public podcast website


Signing up and hosting your first episode is free, allowing you to test out the service without any financial commitment or credit card required. If you’d then like to switch to their paid service, the price plans are as follows:

  • Educational: $4.99 / month
  • RSS Podcaster $8.25 / month
  • If you have a .edu email, you’ll get automatic approval for the Educational plan. When it comes to the RSS Podcast plan, you can switch to annual billing and get a 35% discount. 
  • Note: if you are part of a non-profit organization, get in touch with their sales team to discuss special discounts that might apply

8. Simplecast

Simplecast is a great hosting platform for larger brands, working with companies like Facebook, Nike, HBO, and Kickstarter. 


  • One-click publishing
  • Multiple web players and podcast players
  • Podcast analytics 
  • Collaborate with multiple team members in one account
  • One standout feature is their Recast™ tool, which allows you to schedule and share clips of your podcast on social media


  • 14-day free trial of Simplecast
  • Basic Plan ($15 / month): Unlimited storage and uploads, two member accounts, customizable show website, 20k downloads per month, an embeddable web player, and email support. 
  • Essential Plan ($35 / month): All basic plan features, plus two extra user seats, additional web players, location (country and region) and technology (apps, browsers) analytics, 50k downloads/month, and the addition of chat support.
  • Growth Plan ($85 / month): All features of previous plans, plus 5 more extra user seats (9 total), ISP analytics, detailed metro area location analytics, and 120k downloads/month.

9. Spreaker

Spreaker is a one-stop shop for podcasters. From first-time podcasters to seasoned publishers, the platform has a solution for making any podcaster’s journey an easy and profitable one.


  • Content management system – allows podcasters of any “level” to automatically enable the distribution of new episodes to the major listening platforms
  • Manage and schedule multiple podcasts under the same account
  • Strategically set your monetization (provided via dynamic ad insertion) at the episode and show level
  • Team management features and can add collaborators
  • Statistics certified by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB)


Their most popular plan is the Broadcaster Plan at $20/month. With that plan, you get 500 hours of audio storage, advanced stats, and monetization features. But others include:

  • Free Speech (Free): 5 hours of audio storage, up to 10 episodes
  • On-Air Talent ($8 / month): 100 hours of storage
  • Broadcaster ($20 / month): 500 hours of storage
  • Anchorman ($50 / month): 1,500 hours of storage
  • Anchorman ($120 / month): Unlimited storage

10. Whooshkaa

Whooshkaa, now owned by Spotify, is a podcast hosting platform that is in the more expensive range. 


  • 2-5 separate shows per package
  • Unlimited episodes
  • 2-20 hours of automated transcriptions
  • 10K-50K dynamic ad insertion impressions
  • 10-200 private podcast subscribers
  • 4 – 30 minutes of video highlights
  • Listener analytics
  • 3 – 10 team seats

Price: $0 - $199/month

Whooshkaa offers 4 different plans for users to pick from. They split up the packages based on whether you’re an individual podcaster, part of a small team, or a business, and then assume what features you will need in each. Their packages are:

  • Semi-Pro: $29 / month
  • Pro: $99 / month 
  • Business: $199 / month

They do have a free package that isn’t advertised with the other 3 paid packages but only 1,000 downloads/month are included. We recommend looking into some of the alternative options that we’ve listed if you’re just getting into podcasting or are a hobbyist podcaster.

Note: they have the option to contact their team and customize packages to fit more of what you’re looking for, which is a great feature.

11. RedCircle

RedCircle, among some other hosting platforms, is a good option if you’re interested in monetizing your content. 


  • Accept one-time and recurring donations so you can keep your show going
  • Build subscription revenue to ensure long-term success
  • Cross-Promotion Marketplace that lets you connect with other shows to grow your audience
  • No contracts or exclusivity when it comes to your content
  • Switching over from another provider is an easy process


There is a free 7-day trial on paid plans and there is also an enterprise plan (contact them for more details). They offer a core plan that allows unlimited hosting and distributing, subscriptions donations, and more. After that, there are two paid plans as follows:

  • Growth Plan: $9 / month
  • Pro Plan: $30 / month
  • Note: there are also monthly plans available if this is something you’d prefer. 

12. Fusebox

Fusebox is seen as the best toolbox for podcasting software. It was actually invented by the famous podcaster Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income. 


  • Email capture (one of the only podcast players to offer this)
  • Transcript plugin with SEO-friendly live text that automatically adds podcast transcripts to your website

Pricing: Free - $19 / month

13. Blubrry

Blubrry offers flexible podcast hosting plans for new and experienced podcasters alike.


  • Offer a popular WordPress podcasting plugin called PowerPress which makes it easy to manage a podcast directly from your WordPress website
  • Using Blubrry with PowerPress makes it easy to upload your podcast episodes directly to your podcast hosting provider. 
  • It also allows you to easily submit your podcast to Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts. This makes your podcasts easily discoverable on Google Home, Assistant, and Google Podcast app on Android devices.
  • Offers monetization options, podcast statistics, social sharing features, and more.

Pricing: Starting from $12 / month with 100 MB storage each month

14. Anchor

Anchor, also owned by Spotify, has made waves in the podcasting space in the past few years. They offer tools to create as well as distribute your podcast. If you’re just wanting to test out podcasting as an individual, Anchor can be a great free resource but if you’re a brand or a more seasoned podcaster, we recommend checking out some of the other hosting platforms we’ve listed.


  • Listener analytics such as episode drop-off, location, listening platform, and more
  • Anchor sponsorships to monetize your podcast (only available in the US)
  • Listener support (an option for listeners to donate to your series)

Pricing: Free

Anchor is completely free to use – there’s no cost to create or distribute your podcast. Their mission is to support creators free of charge so that anyone that wants a podcast can have one.

15. Libsyn

Libsyn is one of the most popular hosts focused on helping everyone from newbies to podcasting pros looking to monetize their work. They’re definitely one of the most widely known hosting platforms. 


  • Podcast website
  • Directory listing
  • Embedded web player
  • Video publishing options
  • Episode scheduling
  • Podcast analytics 


  • $5 - 75 / month
  • Offers 6 different pricing packages that are mainly dependent on storage with some added special features as you get higher in price
  • Does not offer any free trials or free plans so it’s a platform that you’d have to invest some money into to be able to try out

So, there you have it! Whether you are looking to start a podcast, save money or move to a different hosting platform – we hope this article was helpful. 

And you can always contact the team at CoHost, to learn more about all things podcasting, including the best hosting platforms for you and your show specifically.