CoHost’s Ultimate Podcast Analytics Dictionary

Feel confident in making data-driven decisions

While it hasn’t always been easy to track podcast analytics, the tools we use to measure performance are improving every day.

For marketers looking to make informed decisions and maximize their podcast's impact, this dictionary will give you the key terms you need to feel confident in executing data-driven audio strategies.


In this podcast analytics dictionary we:

Demystify podcast industry jargon with a comprehensive list of need-to-know podcast terms and definitions

Provide experts insights on how you can harness these analytics to create a podcast that meets your specific goals


For brands and agencies
this report will:

“Cultivating a successful podcast strategy is not just about creating compelling content; it's about understanding your audience at a granular level. Podcast analytics empower us to make data-driven decisions, allowing us to craft episodes that resonate, optimize our marketing efforts, and ultimately, drive growth. Understanding and leveraging podcast analytics is not just a choice; it's a necessity for any modern marketer.”
Alison Osborne, VP of Marketing, Quill Inc. and CoHost

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