Q3 2023 Podcasting Report

Discover our Q3 podcast industry recap

Explore the cutting-edge developments and milestones that have shaped the podcasting scene in the latter half of 2023. 

For agencies, brands, and marketers looking to elevate their branded podcasts and stay ahead of the curve, our report guides you through the latest industry trends, stats, newsmakers, and releases.


The Q3 Podcasting Report highlights the latest podcast data including:

Podcast listeners are nearly as likely to listen to a branded podcast as they are to a celebrity show (The Podcast Landscape)

68% of listeners prefer host reads where it’s clear that the host uses the product or service (Global)

Americans are listening to more on-demand audio (like podcasts and music services) than live audio (like radio) (Edison Research)


Unlock the full potential of
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The Q3 Podcasting Report will:

Staying up to date on the state of podcasting isn’t just an advantage, but a necessity. Understanding the pulse of podcasting trends helps you make informed decisions, create engaging content, and connect authentically with your audience. Our Q3 Podcasting Report summarizes the essential data, launches, events, and companies that represent the evolving audio landscape, empowering you to shape strategies that resonate with audiences and make an impact.”
Fatima Zaidi, Founder and CEO, Quill Inc. and CoHost

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