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What Companies Are Listening to Your Branded Podcast? This B2B Analytics Platform Can Tell You

Last updated on

November 2, 2023

What Companies Are Listening to Your Branded Podcast? This B2B Analytics Platform Can Tell You

Measure the impact of your B2B podcast with CoHost's B2B Analytics. Discover companies listening, identify leads, and justify ROI with our innovative dashboard. Book a demo now.

Alison Osborne


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CoHost’s B2B Analytics: Empower brands with podcast insights and lead generation solutions

As more B2B brands explore podcasts as a content marketing channel, the challenge of measuring ROI becomes even more prominent. 

CoHost’s B2B Analytics offers valuable insights on what companies are listening to your podcast along with an exportable list of company details for lead generation efforts.

Discover what companies are listening and identify valuable leads to support your sales team

At CoHost, we understand the importance of data in the world of B2B marketing. 

We identified three pain points that B2B branded podcasts have:

  • They’re unable to see whether their podcast is reaching their target market 
  • They can’t connect their podcast to marketing-qualified leads
  • They have a hard time justifying the ROI of their podcast without the ability to track attribution and return

Our B2B Analytics tool was created to address these key pain points by offering a wealth of insights about who’s listening to your show and help you create an informed lead generation strategy. 

Measure the impact of your B2B podcast and justify ROI 

The CoHost team built B2B Analytics with ROI and lead generation as our core focus. We wanted to make it easy for brands to attribute leads to their podcast and vouch for the revenue it brings in. 

CoHost's B2B Analytics offers a range of powerful features, including:

  • Breakdown of Companies Listening: Get a detailed look at the companies who are tuning into your podcast, including their industries, average company size, and average revenue breakdown.
  • Episode Summary Page: Compare the top companies, industries, and company locations of each episode’s unique audience. 
  • Individual Episode Breakdown: Get a detailed look at which companies and industries are listening to each episode, including company size, revenue, and location.
  • Lead Generation: Export the list of companies who are tuning into your podcast so you can identify valuable prospects and boost lead generation efforts.

Use cases for CoHost’s B2B Analytics

Justifying production budgets to clients 

Meet Brad, the owner of a podcast agency focused on providing production services to B2B brands. He knows that in order to justify his production budgets to his clients, he needs to show them which companies are listening to their shows.

Prior to CoHost, Brad was using Chartable’s B2B analytics (now sunsetted), which only gave him individual listens by company without any consolidation into charts. This meant that he and his team needed to manually extract the data and hire a developer to add it to Google Data Studio, making the process time-consuming and lacking  some of the insights they needed.

With CoHost’s B2B Analytics tool, Brad now has a wealth of information at his fingertips. He sends his clients an exported list of all the companies listening to the podcast. Brad’s client then uses this list as a sales prospecting list and begins reaching out and connecting with leaders in the organization. Brad’s client is able to close some of the companies from the list which helps him to justify his production budgets since there is a clear ROI.

Determine whether you’re hitting the right target audience 

Meet Amara, a marketing lead in charge of creating a podcast for her company. Her goal is to build thought leadership in targeted industries, and she plans to create targeted episode content aimed at a different industry with each episode.

With CoHost’s B2B Analytics tool, Amara can see whether her episode content is hitting the right target listener. She can then use this information to justify the creation of new seasons to her higher-ups by proving that the podcast is making an impact on their strategic objectives.

Start identifying your listeners and build your sales pipeline 

CoHost’s B2B Analytics tool is a game-changer for B2B brands and agencies. Take the guessing out of ROI and provide tangible podcast results. 

If you’re interested in seeing how CoHost’s B2B Analytics works or have any questions, book a demo with our team!