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Introducing Advanced Audience Demographics: Discover Who Your Podcast Listeners Are

Last updated on

February 19, 2024

Introducing Advanced Audience Demographics: Discover Who Your Podcast Listeners Are

CoHost unveils Advanced Audience Demographics to help brands, agencies, and pro podcasters understand who their podcast audience is and power data-driven decisions.

Tianna Marinucci


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Discover valuable insights about your listeners and tailor content for maximum engagement

With Advanced Audience Demographics, understanding your audience has never been easier. You can now discover valuable, critical insights about your listeners, including their age, household income, social media consumption/habits, interests, and family members, and more. 

Advanced Audience Demographics is designed to help brand marketers, agencies, and pro podcasters:

  • Verify if podcasts are reaching their desired target audience
  • Tailor their content to audience preferences for improved engagement
  • Enhance sponsorship sales with comprehensive listener profiles 

“We're really excited about CoHost’s new Advanced Audience Demographics! Our clients are hungry for this kind of insight into their audience's demographic makeup and interests,” comments Liz Hames, the Director of Audience Growth at JAR Audio and CoHost user, “More detailed data will help us ensure that the podcast is reaching out client's target audience, and we'll be able to use it to tailor our content and marketing efforts more effectively. We're always looking to engage listeners on a deeper level, and this is one more tool to help us do that."

Ensure your podcast is reaching your target demographic

Advanced Audience Demographics is split into two primary dashboards: 

The Audience Overview

provides a custom listener persona that includes your audience's age chart, household income, family, and pets. This page summarizes who exactly your listener is and provides you with the more "classical" idea of demographics.

The Interests & Habits

offers in-depth details about listeners' most used social media channels, how they use these channels, their general and sub-interests, and their lifestyles. Here, you can explore the social media channels most used by your listeners, their habits on those platforms, their specific interests (both general and sub-interests), and even gain insights into their lifestyle.

"Understanding your audience is crucial in delivering content that engages, excites, and informs. With Advanced Audience Demographics, we're giving brands the ability to do just that, but at a whole new level," said Fatima Zaidi, CEO and founder of CoHost and Quill Podcast Agency. "Our new feature delves deep into listener details like age, household income, interests, hobbies, and online habits. Our aim is to arm brands and agencies with the right tools to reach the right people."

Use Case for CoHost’s Advanced Audience Demographics: 

Helping agencies verify their clients’ podcasts are reaching the right audience

Meet Myra, she is a producer at an agency that services branded podcasts. She wants to create content that resonates with her client’s existing target persona to prove that the podcast she and her team created is reaching the right people. 

Prior to CoHost, Myra needed to use multiple platforms and rely on her own ROI estimates. Now, she uses CoHost’s Advanced Audience Demographics to report to her clients to show them they're on target. Furthermore, during production, Myra and her team log into CoHost to evaluate their audience demographics, so they can create future content that resonates with those they’re trying to reach.

Providing brands with the tools they need to make data-driven decisions

Meet Noor, she is a marketer who manages branded podcasts for her company. Her key goal is raising brand awareness through valuable content that resonates with their target audience. Noor logs into CoHost to see what her demographic profile looks like to better understand if she’s hitting the right people and report back to upper management. 

With CoHost’s Advanced Audience Demographics, Noor now has the tools to see exactly who her podcast is reaching and understand her listener persona to ensure her show is resonating with the right audience. Now, Noor can combine demographic insights with social media insights to improve growth and reporting.

Whether you're an agency producer like Myra, striving to hit the right people with your content and prove its success, or a brand marketer like Noor, aiming to raise awareness through meaningful podcast episodes, CoHost's Advanced Audience Demographics can provide the knowledge and data you need to elevate your podcast.

Identify your podcast listeners and grow your audience

Ready to unlock the power of data-driven podcast marketing? 

Join the ranks of successful marketers who are already leveraging Advanced Audience Demographics to drive their podcast's growth and engagement.

If you’re interested in seeing CoHost's Advanced Audience Demographics in action, book a demo with our team