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CoHost Launches Audio Insertion Tool for Brands

Last updated on

November 2, 2023

CoHost Launches Audio Insertion Tool for Brands

CoHost launches dynamic Audio Insertion tool for brands to easily monetize and growth their podcasts.

Alison Osborne


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Say hello to dynamically inserted pre and post-roll audio with CoHost’s Audio Insertion Tool 

It’s no surprise that brands, agencies, and producers lack time. 

As an agency ourselves, we know that anywhere we can increase efficiency and save time is key. That’s why we built CoHost’s Audio Insertion Tool, which was designed to help creators and ad operations specialists easily insert pre and post-roll audio in singular or multiple episodes. 

Save time and headaches when monetizing & growing

With our Audio Insertion Tool, users can now Insert pre and post-roll audio snippets into a podcast to monetize with ads or dynamically edit content.

Insert pre and post-roll audio 

Easily insert pre and post-roll audio into any episode within your CoHost library. It doesn’t matter whether the episode is a draft or already scheduled, you’ll be able to insert pre and post-roll audio either way. 

Avoid any errors or quality issues

Users will have the ability to listen to the pre and post-roll audio within the episode before it’s published to ensure it’s sounding the way you want.

Easily bulk add, edit, or replace your content

Save time by bulk-adding, editing, and replacing pre and post-roll audio during the insertion process.

Keep your content organized

Stay organized and label the purpose of each audio file. Maybe it’s for a sponsor ad, internal audio purposes, or even cross-promotion. Whatever it may be, keep track of what should be placed where.

Use cases for CoHost’s Audio Insertion Tool 

Using bulk editing to save time and resources 

Shauna is a producer who creates podcasts for clients who often want to monetize their shows with advertisements. She prefers to add pre and post-roll content so her episode audio stays clean. 

When she obtains a new sponsor, Shauna wants to be able to add her pre-roll ads to all of her episodes so her sponsor gains as much exposure as possible. To do so, she uses the bulk editor to add her audio files within seconds. When she needs to remove the ads, she uses the bulk editor to do so.

Using Audio Insertion for custom intros and outros

Eva is a producer of a show that likes to create unique intros and outros for select episodes of her podcast. 

Rather than re-editing episode files for her clients, she uses CoHost’s audio insertion tool to simply add pre and post-roll audio files to the episodes and replace them when necessary. It saves her time and effort in the audio editing process.

Add dynamic content insertion into your podcast workflow 

If you’re interested in seeing how CoHost’s Audio Insertion Tool works or have any questions, book a demo with our team!  

Or if you’re interested in trying the tool out for yourself, sign up for CoHost free for 7 days