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CoHost’s Prefix: A Game-Changer in Podcast Analytics for Brands & Agencies

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March 9, 2024

CoHost’s Prefix: A Game-Changer in Podcast Analytics for Brands & Agencies

Explore the launch of CoHost’s Prefix, a new tool that provides brands and agencies deeper insights into the performance and impact of their podcast. Read more about CoHost’s Prefix today!

Alison Osborne


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Marketers know that audiences crave authentic content that provides value, shares stories, and connects with them. 

Branded podcasts have emerged as a valuable tool to achieve this style of content; however, an ongoing issue within the industry has been the lack of audience insights and podcast analytics to understand who your podcast is reaching so you can shape your content to their needs. 

Earlier this year, CoHost released two key features on their hosting platform that solve the challenge of subpar audience insights and podcast analytics: Advanced Audience Demographics and B2B Analytics: Companies & Industries

But another challenge arose. Many brands and agencies wanted this data but were unable to migrate their shows from existing podcast hosting platforms. 

Today, our team is thrilled to share that this challenge has also been solved with CoHost’s Prefix

Our CEO and Founder, Fatima Zaidi, highlights the importance of this integration. She notes, “Switching hosting providers is a significant decision and not always feasible for brands and agencies. Our Prefix is designed to bring advanced insights to all podcast creators, no matter their current hosting setup.”

CoHost’s Prefix launches with offering both Advanced Audience Demographics and B2B Analytics: Companies & Industries under the prefix umbrella. 

Uncover who your podcast audience is

The age-old metrics of measuring podcast success by listener counts are fading. 

The industry is now prioritizing data and tracking, and there's a growing demand to know not just 'how many' but 'who' and 'why'. 

Keeping this in mind, CoHost’s Prefix provides users the following: 

Advanced Audience Demographics 

  • Age: The age of your listeners.
  • Interests: The interests and hobbies that your listeners have. 
  • Family Members: Your listener’s family dynamic through family members. 
  • Household Income: The household income of your listeners. 
  • Social Media Consumption: How your listeners consume social media and the top platforms they use. 
  • Listener Profile: A summary of who your podcast listener is. 

B2B Analytics: Companies & Industries 

  • Companies Listening: Discover which companies are listening to your podcast on a show and episode level.
  • Company Industry: See the different industries that tune into your podcast content.
  • Company Size: Gain access to the size of the companies that are listening to your podcast.
  • Average Revenue: Get an idea of the average revenue that the companies who listen achieve. 
  • Company Location: Know where the companies that listen are located around the world. 

Tom Webster, Partner at Sounds Profitable and CoHost consultant, states, “Brands that produce their own podcasts have multi-faceted goals and measures for success - measures that simply counting downloads can't provide. Incorporating prefix analytics, like those provided by CoHost's Prefix, helps brands go beyond broad assumptions and gain genuine insight into their audience, and customers.”

Changing the way we understand our listeners

It's not just about numbers. It's about meaningful data that shapes strategies. 

The launch of CoHost’s Prefix will help brands and agencies gain access to insights that give them a better understanding of who their podcast listeners are. Additional benefits from this data include: 

  • Verify if podcasts are reaching their desired target audience
  • Tailor their content to audience preferences for improved engagement
  • Enhance partnerships, sponsorship sales, and company ICPs with comprehensive listener profiles 
  • Drive podcast and brand growth through an understanding of who’s listening and their preferences

For brands who podcast, the introduction of CoHost's Prefix is a pivotal moment. It promises a more profound understanding of podcast audiences, leading to more targeted and effective content strategies.

For those keen to dive into these advanced analytics and insights, book a time to chat with our team.