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How CoHost is Using AI to Power Your Podcast’s Written Text

Last updated on

November 2, 2023

How CoHost is Using AI to Power Your Podcast’s Written Text

Explore the innovative use of AI in the CoHost Podcasting platform to convert your audio content into engaging written text. Understand how this transformational tool can enrich your podcast's reach, accessibility, and SEO optimization.

Alison Osborne


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If you’re active on the internet, we can pretty much guarantee that you’ve come across conversations in some capacity about artificial intelligence (AI) as it becomes a cornerstone of innovation. 

One area where AI is making significant strides is the podcasting industry. A key area in which AI is being leveraged is turning audio into written text. Manually transcribing podcast episodes is time-consuming and leaves room for additional human errors. 

Throughout this article, we’re going to break down the importance of podcast transcriptions and how CoHost is utilizing AI to convert your audio into engaging, accessible written text, and the value this brings to your strategy.

The importance of podcast transcriptions

Transcriptions can dramatically enhance the reach and accessibility of your content. Not everyone can or wants to consume content audibly – perhaps due to hearing impairments, personal preferences, or situational factors. By offering transcriptions, you can ensure that your content is inclusive and accessible to all.

Beyond accessibility, transcriptions are a goldmine for search engine optimization (SEO). Search engines like Google are primarily text-based. By turning your audio content into text, you're making it discoverable by search engines, which can significantly increase your podcast's visibility and audience reach.

CoHost's AI-powered transcription tool

CoHost is embracing AI technology to offer a simple, automatic transcription tool. CoHost's transcription feature uses AI to convert podcast audio into written text, effectively and efficiently.

Several unique features set CoHost's transcription tool apart from its competitors, all designed to optimize your podcasting experience:

  • Accuracy and quality: CoHost's AI-powered transcription service prides itself on the precision and quality of its transcriptions. The AI is designed to understand multiple accents, speakers, and subjects, making it adaptable to various podcast themes and industries.
  • Editable transcripts: After the AI generates the initial transcript, users have the ability to edit the text, ensuring that the final output is in line with the original audio content.
  • Timestamp tagging: CoHost's transcription tool automatically tags time stamps, which makes it easier for listeners and readers to navigate through the content. This feature is especially useful when you want to reference a particular part of the podcast.

How CoHost is using AI to power your podcast’s written text 

In conclusion, CoHost is taking significant strides in the podcasting industry with their AI-powered transcription tool. This feature ensures that your content reaches a wider audience, promotes inclusivity, and significantly boosts your podcast's SEO ranking. 

As we continue to evolve into a more digital world, AI technologies will undoubtedly play an increasingly important role in the way we create and consume content. By embracing AI and the capabilities it brings, we’re working to redefine the podcasting landscape and set a new benchmark for the industry.