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The Difference Between CoHost Podcasting and Buzzsprout’s Cohost AI

Last updated on

November 2, 2023

The Difference Between CoHost Podcasting and Buzzsprout’s Cohost AI

Explore the unique features and advantages that set CoHost Podcasting apart from Buzzsprout's Cohost AI. This comprehensive comparison will help you decide on the best platform for your podcasting needs.

Alison Osborne


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Podcasting is a dynamic medium, and with its evolution, numerous platforms and tools have emerged to cater to the diverse needs of creators, brands, and agencies. 

Two platforms that are working to serve those involved in the podcast industry are CoHost Podcasting and Buzzsprout. Recently, Buzzsprout announced the launch of its feature, Cohost AI. 

With coinciding names, some confusion has surfaced within the podcast industry. The CoHost team wanted to differentiate the two fundamentally different platforms so you can better understand which tool is right for you. 

CoHost Podcasting: Comprehensive analytics and audience insights

CoHost Podcasting is a comprehensive podcast analytics and audience insights platform designed to meet the specific needs of brands and agencies. 

Its core strength lies in offering a deep dive into listener data, behavior, and demographics, aiding brands in making informed decisions regarding content creation, audience engagement, and strategic business growth.

The CoHost platform offers detailed and actionable insights about who is listening to your content, their interests, behaviors, and much more. This invaluable data can be used to guide your content strategy, sharpen marketing efforts, and optimize overall podcast performance. 

Some key metrics and features offered by CoHost include: 

  • B2B Analytics: Discover which companies are listening to your podcast along with their size, industry, average revenue, and location. 
  • Audience Insights: Explore who your audience is by understanding where they live, when they listen, how they listen, and more. 
  • AI-Powered Transcriptions: Turn your audio into written text with automatic, AI-powered transcriptions. 
  • CoHost Tracking Links: Understand your top-performing podcast marketing channels by seeing which mediums drive episode downloads.

In a nutshell, CoHost helps brands and agencies understand and connect with their listeners in a way that can drive meaningful growth and engagement.

Buzzsprout's Cohost AI: Automated descriptions and transcriptions

Buzzsprout, a well-known podcast hosting platform, has recently introduced a new feature called Cohost AI. 

This tool is specifically designed to automate creating descriptions and transcribing episodes. With the power of AI, Buzzsprout's Cohost AI generates episode titles, descriptions, chapter markets, and transcripts for your show.

Buzzsprout's Cohost AI is a useful tool for creators in the post-production phase, focusing primarily on enhancing productivity and efficiency in content creation. The main utility here is to ease the transcription and shownotes creation process, which can often consume significant time and resources.

Navigating the distinctions between CoHost Podcasting and Buzzsprout's Cohost AI

Despite the similarity in their names, CoHost Podcasting and Buzzsprout's Cohost AI have decidedly different roles and functions within the podcasting process and the segments they serve. 

CoHost is centered on providing a holistic understanding of your podcast's audience and performance while making it easy to manage your show. Its analytics-driven approach offers brands strategic insights that can drive growth and enhance listener engagement. Buzzsprout's Cohost AI, on the other hand, is all about streamlining the post-production process and enhancing efficiency by automating the creation of show notes and transcriptions.

Understanding these distinct roles can help podcasters, brands, and agencies leverage these tools effectively in their respective areas. 

In an industry as fast-paced and dynamic as podcasting, it's essential to stay informed about the different tools and platforms available to you. As we continue to explore and innovate in this realm, clear distinctions like the ones drawn between CoHost Podcasting and Buzzsprout's Cohost AI help us to navigate the podcasting landscape better and effectively leverage the right tools for our needs.