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Navigating the Content Landscape: Insights and Opinions from 10 Marketing Agencies

Last updated on

November 2, 2023

Navigating the Content Landscape: Insights and Opinions from 10 Marketing Agencies

Unlock the secrets to effective content marketing with insights from the industry's leading agencies. Discover invaluable advice, strategies, and tips to elevate your content in our expert roundup.

Tianna Marinucci


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As the digital age reshapes consumer preferences and behaviors, effective content marketing has become a cornerstone for businesses seeking to forge meaningful connections and foster brand loyalty. 

By focusing on creating impactful narratives and solutions, marketers can cut through the noise, resonate with their target demographics, and ultimately drive conversions, making content marketing an indispensable tool for success.

To delve deeper into the content marketing landscape, we asked ten leading agencies within podcasting, design, and digital marketing: What’s your biggest piece of advice for brands looking to invest in content marketing?

In this expert roundup article, we present a compilation of their observations, strategic recommendations, and proven practices that illuminate the path to content marketing success. 

Here’s what ten industry-leading agencies had to say: 

Andy Crestodina, Co-Founder and CMO of Orbit Media

“Go deep into the information needs of your audience. Figure out what research, advice, and perspectives would help them the most. Take those very specific topics and write very detailed articles with lots of formatting so they're easy to scan. Record them as videos. Collaborate with influencers they trust. Then share it all with your current prospects!” 

Neal Veglio, Founder of PodKnows Podcasting

“Start with your goals. Why are you doing everything you're planning on doing? Too many content creators just hit and hope with their marketing assets and then wonder why they're not getting the desired results. Remember, the audience is at different stages of their relationship with you. Depending on what you put out there, it could make or break those relationships. If you have a clear outcome in mind, your messaging is much more likely to land in the right way on the right channels. Bearing in mind that a podcast tends to cover all three stages of the marketing 'funnel’ and in no particular episode order!”

Stacey Ross Cohen, CEO of Co-Communications

“Develop content that’s relevant (and platform-appropriate): Good is not enough — you need to create remarkable content to capture your audience. Whether you develop articles, blog posts, or videos, the content needs to be shareable, engaging, and actionable. Brands need to take the recipient’s mindset into account: “What’s in it for me?” Dove is a winning example of branded content done right. Dove’s campaigns challenge beauty stereotypes and feature women of all ages, shapes, and sizes. Their content emphasizes that the real beauty of women is skin deep and revolves around projecting a positive body image and self-esteem. Their content is inspirational, empowering, and relatable to their main target — women. And their consumers are evangelists — frequently sharing their love for the brand.”

Caleb Clark, Co-Founder and Chief Partnership Officer of Hook + Ladder Digital

“Besides the obvious concepts like making sure you understand exactly what segment you're trying to evoke a response from and what channels to deliver that content through, it is critical to understand what role content plays in the overall customer value journey. 

Content is meant to turn a quick glance into a stare (engagement) and equip the target audience with fuel for their journey of deepening intent. The role of content is to serve as a bridge for a customer prospect from the initial awareness stage to a subscription act or some form of "hand in the air" micro-commitment of time and/or money. The role of content marketing is usually not to ask for an order or purchase, it is to inspire, educate, inform, or evoke an emotional response. From there your customer journey infrastructure should make it really easy for the prospect to move to the next step organically after being influenced by your strong content.”

Lyndsay Phillips, Founder and CEO of Smooth Business Growth & Smooth Business Podcasting

“Before you create ANY content you must truly understand WHO you want to attract, WHAT problem you are solving, WHAT actions you want your audience to take next, and then COMMIT to publish consistently to attract, nurture, and convert.” 

TJ Bonaventura, Co-Founder and CEO of StudioPod Media

“The savviest brands double down on content and storytelling during a downturn. Audio and video should fuel your content engine.”

John Pfaender, Founder of Lasting Media

“Give it time. Content marketing, especially organic podcasting, isn't a sprint. It's a marathon. It takes time to build an audience and establish yourself as an authority in your field. Don't look at content marketing as a cash grab. Look at it for what it!”

Traci DeForge, Founder and CEO of Produce Your Podcast

“It is important to conduct a brand audit before embarking on a content marketing strategy as a lead generation tool. Make sure the brand your potential new customers' experience has synergy in how it looks, feels, and sounds across the board. Consumers are more likely to trust brands that present a cohesive experience in all mediums and that leads to more engagement and conversions.“

Darryl von Däniken, Managing Partner at BrandAudio Media

“Brands that embrace podcast storytelling as part of their content marketing mix will gain a clear advantage over their competitors.”

Lory Martinez, Founder and CEO of Studio Ochenta

“As the leading multilingual podcast company in Europe, we believe the most important thing brands absolutely have to consider is this: Don't forget your international audience. The World Wide Web is available to people around the world at the click of a button, which means billions of web users can find your website and tune into your content marketing. Ignoring [your international audience] by not providing transcripts, or not making your web text, audio, and video accessible to all is a lost opportunity. All web content is global, so don't just make it for a single audience.” 

Are you ready to navigate the dynamic content marketing landscape?

The insights provided by these top agencies offer invaluable guidance for navigating the dynamic content marketing landscape. Their collective expertise underscores the significance of strategic planning, goal setting, and consistent quality in content creation. 

By embracing innovative approaches, staying attuned to audience preferences, and leveraging the power of storytelling, businesses can cultivate a strong brand presence and drive meaningful connections with their target demographics.

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