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20 Female-Led Podcasts to Add To Your List

Last updated on

March 9, 2024

20 Female-Led Podcasts to Add To Your List

From business and entrepreneurship to wellness and personal development, discover your next female-led podcast in our International Women’s Day roundup.

Tianna Marinucci


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In honor of International Women’s Day, happening March 8th, the CoHost team put together a roundup of 20 female-led podcasts to add to your list. Whether you’re into true crime, looking to level up your career, or are on a personal wellness kick, our list of leading women in audio has you covered.

1. Donna Duncan, CEO and host of OLTCA’s “Coming of Age.”

Donna Duncan is the CEO of OLTCA, bringing a wealth of experience as a broader public sector consultant, chief executive officer, and board director. 

Recently Donna has brought her expertise to the world of audio, serving as the host of OLTCA’s podcast, “Coming of Age.” Where she, alongside advocates, leaders, and affected families discusses how we can best prepare to care for our aging population, build proper infrastructure, and transform the sector to respond to the changing needs of new residents. The podcast aims to dissect the notion of ageism in today’s society and reflect on how the global long-term care system can change to best support the changing expectations of future generations.

2. Melanie Marcus, CMO and host of Surescripts’ "There's a Better Way,"

Melanie Marcus is a seasoned executive in healthcare marketing, customer experience, and strategy. As a part of her leadership role at Surescripts, Melanie hosts the podcast, "There's a Better Way,” where she sits down with some of the most inspiring healthcare leaders today for in-depth and personal conversations about the industry’s challenges and opportunities. 

Through this podcast, you’ll be exposed to new perspectives on stubborn healthcare challenges, how technology can be used to improve care, and what the future might hold for an industry amid rapid change. 

3. Mary Carpenter and Jordan Houghton, co-hosts of NEI’s “Fissionary” 

Mary Carpenter is the Director of Digital and Content Strategy at NEI (Nuclear Energy Institute) and Jordan Houghton is NEI’s Senior Media Relations Manager. The two women host NEI’s "Fissionary" podcast which dives into the potential of nuclear energy to address the critical challenges of our time. 

They interview experts, researchers, and thought leaders across diverse fields, offering insights and perspectives on how nuclear power can pave the way for a sustainable future.

4. Katie McCauley, Internal Communications and host of Oyster’s "New World of Work"

With a passion for online communities and human connection, Katie has dedicated over a decade to leading, managing, and growing complex programs, particularly in online communities. 

Katie hosts Oyster’s podcast, "New World of Work," which delves into the evolving landscape of the modern workforce. In each episode, you’ll hear from some of the world’s best and brightest people and culture experts on the cutting-edge topics HR professionals are most interested in today, explored through a global lens. Learn about the remote work revolution, hybrid workspaces, mental health and wellbeing, and effective team management strategies in today's dynamic work environment.


5. Hala Taha, Founder and CEO of YAP Media and host of the Young and Profiting (YAP) Podcast 

Hala Taha, known as "The Podcast Princess," is the Founder and CEO of YAP Media, a business podcast network, as well as the host of the “Young and Profiting (YAP) Podcast.” 

As the driving force behind YAP, Hala has propelled the podcast to global recognition as a Top 100 podcast and 2022 Webby Honoree. The podcast features interviews with high-profile guests including Matthew McConaughey, Daymond John, and many more. Covering topics from enhancing productivity to gaining influence, Hala helps turn their wisdom into actionable advice everyone can use in their day-to-day life. 

6.  Megan Dougherty, Co-Founder of One Stone Creative and host of “The Company Show”


Megan brings her passion for storytelling and business acumen to the forefront as the host of “The Company Show.” The podcast is dedicated to navigating the unique landscape of podcasting for businesses. 

"The Company Show" offers invaluable insights and practical advice tailored to solopreneurs managing entire businesses or marketing managers overseeing multifaceted campaigns. Delving into the specific requirements, constraints, and opportunities of company podcasts, each episode equips listeners with the tools to streamline sales cycles, cultivate leads, forge new partnerships, and elevate brand visibility and credibility.

7. Lauren Popish, Founder of The Wave Podcasting and host of “Book (Wine) Club”


Lauren Popish is the founder of The Wave Podcasting, a platform dedicated to empowering women to share their distinctive stories through podcasting.  Beyond her entrepreneurial endeavors, Lauren hosts her own podcast “Book (Wine) Club” which offers a unique twist on the traditional book club experience. 

Each week, Lauren selects a new literary gem, such as "Sharp Objects" by Gillian Flynn and "Becoming" by Michelle Obama, and pairs it with a carefully chosen wine. As the conversation unfolds, Lauren and her guests dive deep into the themes, characters, and plot twists of each book, providing insightful commentary and lively discussions. With an eclectic mix of genres and authors, there's something for every book lover to enjoy.

8. Courtney Kocak, Founder of Podcast Bestie and host of “Private Parts Unknown” and “The Bleeders”


The Bleeders

Private Parts Unknown

Courtney Kocaka is the creator and curator of Podcast Bestie, a Substack dedicated to empowering aspiring and indie podcasters. She is also the host of "Private Parts Unknown," exploring love and sexuality across the globe, and “The Bleeders,” about book writing and publishing. 

“The Bleeders” offers a unique blend of insightful discussions and transparent conversations aimed at demystifying the process of writing and selling books. For individuals navigating the world of book writing and publishing, listeners can expect candid insights and practical tips on topics ranging from crafting compelling narratives to navigating the publishing industry. 

“Private Parts Unknown”  is in the vein of Anthony Bourdain's exploratory style that explores love and relationships. Featuring expert guests, the show offers insightful and often humorous conversations that aim to open up dialogue and challenge societal norms surrounding intimacy and sexuality. 

9. Danielle Desir Corbett, Founder and CEO of WOC Podcasters and host of “The Thought Card”

Danielle is the Founder and CEO of WOC Podcasters, a community committed to advancing the growth and representation of women of color in podcasting. She is also the host of “The Thought Card,” a top-rated show about personal finance and travel. 

The series offers actionable insights to help you travel more, earn more, and build wealth in the process. From budgeting hacks and travel rewards to debt repayment strategies and wealth-building techniques, each episode is packed with valuable information to empower you on your journey toward financial independence.

10. Liz Hames, Director of Audience Growth at JAR Audio and host of CBC’s “Slumtown”

With a focus on audience-centric strategies, Liz utilizes her expertise in podcast production, journalism, and data analysis to develop winning audience growth strategies for JAR Audio clients. 

She brings this experience to CBC where she hosts and produces “Slumtown,” a podcast set in the heart of Edmonton's inner city where residents find themselves caught in the crossfire of a battle against problem properties and the notorious landlords who oversee them. With a spotlight on the stories of those directly impacted, this investigative podcast aims to amplify voices that have been silenced and confront the systemic issues plaguing Edmonton's inner-city communities.

11. Allana Blumberg, host of “Morning Rae”

Allana is an entrepreneur, creator, mental health advocate, and host of “Morning Rae”, a motivational podcast to help you start your week off right. Each Monday, Allana delivers a fresh episode packed with insights on everything from daily routines and habits to navigating the complexities of dating, career, school, friendships, and life in general. Whether you're seeking guidance on cultivating a positive mindset or looking for practical advice to tackle life's challenges, Allana has you covered.

12. Rashel Hariri, host of “She’s Interesting”

"She's Interesting" is tailored for accomplished women over 30, covering topics of business, finance, and personal well-being. Hosted by Rashel Hariri, who has over 15 years of experience leading teams and digital strategies across various sectors including non-profit, banking, and technology, each episode of "She's Interesting" shines a spotlight on the journeys and achievements of women CEOs, founders, and change-makers.

13. Lyndsay Phillips, CEO of Smooth Sailing Business Growth and host of “Leverage Your Podcast Show”

Hosted by Lyndsay Phillips, the CEO of Smooth Sailing Business Growth, "Leverage Your Podcast Show" brings forth insider secrets from industry experts and entrepreneurs who have achieved remarkable success by integrating podcasting into their lifestyle businesses. With a focus on actionable tips and strategies, listeners gain valuable insights on leveraging podcasts to enhance visibility, establish authority, generate content, monetize efforts, and ultimately, propel business growth.

Each episode of "Leverage Your Podcast Show" offers practical advice and real-world examples, making it an invaluable resource for anyone looking to maximize the potential of their podcast. 

14. Christina Barsi, CEO & Founder of Avant Haüs Media and host of “Be Bold Begin”

In 2018 Christina founded Avant Haus Media, a podcast agency for women in leadership. She also started The Women's Podcast Industry Network for women and non-binary people who are building an empire from purpose in podcasting. She hosts her own podcast, “Be Bold Begin,” where she talks with guests who share their transformational stories and practical tips to inspire you to lead a more authentic life. 

15. Irene Galea, Business Reporter and host of The Globe and Mail’s “City Space”

“City Space,” an urban living podcast from The Globe and Mail, explores the pressing question of how to create more livable cities. Hosted by Irene Galea, the podcast delves into topics ranging from affordability and walkability to the integration of technology in urban planning. Through insightful conversations with global experts and local stakeholders, City Space examines what cities are doing well and where there's room for improvement.

16. Katrina De Angelis, Co-Founder of MILO Human Care and host of “The Conscious Loop”

Hosted by Katrina De Angelis, Co-Founder of MILO Human Care, "To Conscious Loop" brings together spirituality and everyday life by inviting listeners on a journey to embrace conscious living. Through candid discussions and insightful explorations, Katrina delves into topics such as self-awareness, relationships, and leadership, offering practical tips and profound insights to support listeners in breaking free from unconscious patterns and evolving into their highest selves. 

17. Erika Casupanan, host of “Happy to See Me”

In her podcast, Erika Casupanan, the winner of CBS' Survivor 41, shifts the focus onto those who often go unnoticed or underestimated. Airing every Monday, listeners can expect uplifting interviews and relatable discussions with guests spanning pop culture, social media, and reality TV. Through candid conversations, Erika delves into how remarkable individuals navigate challenges such as self-doubt, underrepresentation, and societal judgment.

18. Asha Christina, host of “Quality Queen Control”

Hosted by Asha Christina, “Quality Queen Control” candidly explores topics of psychology, dating, and lifestyle. From insightful discussions on human behavior to navigating modern relationships, Asha leaves no stone unturned. 

19. Courtney Liso, host “The Book of the Dead”

"The Book of the Dead" is a compelling true-crime podcast dedicated to shedding light on overlooked cases and advocating for justice, particularly for unsolved cases and missing persons. With a mission to bring attention to cases and victims often overlooked by mainstream media and other podcasts, "The Book of the Dead" prioritizes the voices of those whose stories may have faded into obscurity. 

20. Kelsey Reidl, host of “Visionary Life”

“Visionary Life” is a weekly podcast known for its engaging conversations with entrepreneurs and inspirational people. Consistently ranked in the Top 50 on the Canadian Entrepreneurship Charts, the podcast features insightful discussions with a diverse array of guests, including creative thinkers, masterful marketers, brick-and-mortar shop owners, and brand builders. Each episode offers listeners valuable insights into what's currently driving success in various industries, as well as candid discussions about challenges and lessons learned along the way. 

Bonus: Nancy Twine, CEO and Founder of Briogeo Hair Care

Nancy Twine is the Founder and CEO of Briogeo Hair Care, a renowned brand celebrated for its dedication to clean beauty. With a background in finance as Vice President of Commodities Sales at Goldman Sachs in New York City, Nancy made a bold career shift to pursue her passion for natural beauty. In 2013, she launched Briogeo to merge her expertise with her interests, and in just eight years, she has transformed the brand from a startup into an industry leader.

Nancy's remarkable achievements have garnered widespread recognition, including being honored as a Forbes 30 Under 30 Judge in 2020, receiving the Goldman Sachs Builders + Innovators Award in 2020, and earning the CEW Female Founder Award in 2019. 

Excitingly, Nancy Twine will soon be venturing into podcasting, bringing her passion, drive, and entrepreneurial spirit to the airwaves. Stay tuned for the launch of her upcoming show on March 14th. 

Happy International Women’s Day from CoHost

With a team that’s over 60% female, International Women’s Day doesn’t go unnoticed at CoHost. To cap off our roundup, we’d like to extend a big thank you to the women behind the scenes:

Stacey Orth, COO

Stephanie Andrews, VP of Product 

Alison Osborne, VP of Marketing

Janey Rowe, Director, PMO and Operations

Brittany Nguyen, Creative Director

Sarah Zandbergen, Executive Producer

Quincy de Vries, Senior Producer

Tianna Marinucci, Content Marketing Specialist 

Sabrina Sciscente, Producer 

Lynn Wangchen, Graphic Designer

Katie Bouwers, Web Designer