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Top Women Making *Audio* Waves in the Podcast Industry

Last updated on

November 2, 2023

Top Women Making *Audio* Waves in the Podcast Industry

CoHost lists some of the most inspirational women in the podcast industry to celebrate International Women's Day 2023!

Quincy de Vries


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International Women’s Day is celebrated annually on March 8th to honor women’s achievements and show commitment to a world with gender equality and inclusivity. As a female-founded organization and with over 60% of our team identifying as female, we’re proud to celebrate the achievements of women in the podcast industry. 

Audio, production, and tech have all traditionally been dominated by male voices and we want to highlight some of the amazing women who are changing that. 

For this year’s International Women’s Day, CoHost is celebrating 50 amazing women who have made *audio* waves in the podcasting world. 

Fatima Zaidi, CEO & Founder of Quill & CoHost

Our very own founder and CEO of Quill and CoHost, Fatima has successfully bootstrapped two audio companies and grew them into one of the top branded podcast agencies and a podcast hosting platform dedicated to serving agencies and brands. 

Since its inception in 2020, Quill has made podcasts for companies with global reach including PwC, Expedia, McKinsey & Company, CIBC, and more. The CoHost and Quill team couldn’t have asked for a better founder and leader! 

Danielle Desir Corbett, Founder & CEO of WOC Podcasters

When she’s not running WOC Podcasters, Danielle hosts The Thought Card, a podcast focused on affordable travel and personal finance that empowers listeners to make smart financial decisions. She is also an author, speaker, and podcast coach, all to say a notable figure to follow in the audio industry. 

Anne Feuss and Rachael King, Co-Founders of Pod People

Anne has worked across sales, marketing, and advertising in the media space, bringing loads of experience from her time at  The New York Times, BBC and AMC Networks. 

Rachael has spent the past 15+ years helping build innovative brands. She is also the co-creator of RomComPods, where you can find some of the best romcom podcasts.

Together, Anne and Rachael founded PodPeople, a creative production studio for audio, video, and social storytelling.

Lauren Passell, Founder of Tink Media

Lauren specializes in digital strategy and is an expert at building brands' social media presence from the ground up. When she’s not running Tink Media, Lauren also is the curator of Podcast the Newsletter and Podcast Marketing Magic, two must-reads in the industry. 

Christina Barsi, CEO & Founder of Avant Haüs Media

Christina is a podcast producer, consultant, content creator, speaker/workshop leader, and certified Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach. On top of all that, she’s also the host, producer, and editor of Be Bold Begin, an education, health, and fitness podcast. 

Alexandra Cohl, Founder of POD.DRALAND

Alexandra is the founder of POD.DRALAND, a thoughtful and creative public relations and marketing company that focuses on podcast growth and brand discoverability. 

In addition to POD.DRALAND, Alexandra is a writer, educator, podcast producer, and host, specializing in consulting and Podcast PR. She hosts The Pod Broads and also runs Podcasting by the Moon, a female-centric podcast newsletter

Lindsay Tjepkema, CEO of Casted

Lindsay is an experienced marketer focusing on brand building based in data. On top of being a speaker, podcaster, and mom, Lindsay is the Co-Founder and CEO of Casted, a podcast and video solution for B2B brands to make it easier to measure ROI. 

Juleyka Lantigua, Founder & CEO of LWC Studios

Juleyka founded LWC Studios to amplify the voices of marginalized communities through storytelling. Coming from a journalism background, Juleyka has worked as a writer, editor, book reviewer, and professor. 

Lauren Popish, Founder of The Wave Podcasting

Lauren founded The Wave Podcasting to help women tell their stories through podcasting, and she’s achieved just that. She strives to create a digital community for women to empower each other through effective storytelling and mutual support. 

Hannah Russell and Faith Russell, Co-Founders of Mags Creative

Hannah has a background in tech and loves all things business. Before starting Mags Creative, she co-founded Layer Home, a curated online marketplace for vintage furniture that was acquired by Vinterior. 

Faith started her career in TV and worked as a talent booker in television and radio. She co-founded Layer Home with her sister, Hannah.

Together, this duo launched Mags Creative, a multi-award-winning podcast production and promotion company. 

Tina Nole and Joelle Nole, Founder & Chief Creative Officer and Managing Director of Larj Media

Tina is a veteran of broadcast journalism who founded Larj in 2011. She is a speaker, writer, and podcast thought leader. She also serves as a voluntary board member for Cancer Lifeline and Banchero Disability Partners. 

Joelle is an expert at business operations and strategic planning and has led projects for various large enterprise companies such as Rosetta and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. 

The Larj Media team specializes in creating branded content whether your brand has an existing podcast or are thinking of starting one. 

Michelle Khouri, Founder & CEO of FRQNCY Media

Michelle founded FRQNCY with the vision of making the audio industry inclusive to all voices who want to bring good into the world. In addition to FRQNCY, she was also the host of The Cultured Podcast, which highlighted unique and undiscovered artists and art forms. 

Amanda McLoughlin, Co-Founder & CEO of Multitude Productions

Amanda is dedicated to coaching fellow creatives to stay independent while running their businesses online. Multitude is a podcast collective and production company run by passionate storytellers, they also provide free podcast consulting to voices historically excluded from the audio space. 

Elaine Appleton Grant, CEO of Podcast Allies 

A lifelong storyteller, Elaine founded Podcast Allies to help social impact organizations create podcasts. She has an extensive background in public radio and journalism that she brings into each client that she works with. 

Annie Powell, COO & Head of Partnerships of Muddhouse Media

Annie is an entrepreneur with deep experience across media and technology industry. Previously working for brands like Beasley Radio Group, Constant Contact, and Kronos, Annie now leads operations and partnerships at Muddhouse Media, a branded podcast production agency. 

Courtney Kocak, Founder of Podcast Bestie Newsletter

Courtney is a writer, producer, and comedian. She currently hosts two podcasts, Private Parts Unknown and The Bleeders. Courtney also teaches podcasting for Pandemic University, an online writing and creative school in addition to founding the Podcast Bestie Newsletter (one of the favorites in our inboxes). 

Carli van Heerden, Founder & CEO of We Edit Podcasts 

Carli founded We Edit Podcasts when she realized how much time podcasters spent editing their shows and thought there must be a better way to achieve high-quality audio without an extensive amount of time. She started her company with the mission of saving podcasters time without the cost and has continued to expand since.

Twila Dang, Founder & CEO of Matriarch Digital Media

Twila founded Matriarch Digital Media as an educational and entertainment platform by women, for women. She also created Women In Podcasting, a monthly digital meetup for women in the industry. 

Sharon Taylor, SVP Podcast Strategy & Product Operations at Triton DigitalFormer CEO of Omny Studio acquired by Triton Digital 

Sharon has more than 15 years of experience in the technology and media space. She built Omny Studio, an enterprise hosting software, into one of the leading on-demand podcast publishing companies and remains at its helm in her role at Triton Digital. 

Hala Taha, Founder & CEO of YAP Media

Hala got started as a radio host in college and has since launched her own #1 ranking podcast, Young and Profiting. She’s also the founder of YAP Media, a podcast production and social media company and YAP Media Network, a network of self-improvement and business podcasts. 

Arielle Nissenblatt, Founder of Earbuds Collective

Airelle Nissenblatt started the popular podcast recommendation letter Earbuds Podcast Collective which has grown into an industry must-read. For years, Arielle has been a notable member of the audio industry and currently takes on the role as Community Manager at podcast recording software, Squadcast. 

Jen Sargent, CEO of Wondery

Jen is an entrepreneur with a background across industries, with a focus in the media space. Jen has worked with Wondery to successfully reach a global audience and scale into the podcasting giant it is today. 

June Cohen, CEO of WaitWhat

Prior to founding WaitWhat, June ran media for TED, building its operations from the ground up and launching TED Talks online. As a student at Stanford, she led the team that developed the world's first multi-media magazine, Proteus

Katie Jensen, Principal at Vocal Fry Studios

Katie runs Toronto-based agency Vocal Fry, where she helps brands, media companies, and nonprofits make great podcasts. She’s also a podcast educator and speaker, having spoken about podcasting at a variety of events such as the Hot Docs Podcast Festival, World Radio Day, and the Atlantic Podcast Summit

Karen Burgess, Exec for Production, People & Culture at Pacific Content

Karen is an audio media veteran, starting her career as an intern at her local CBC station. Since then, she's launched national shows, headed up newsrooms and trained hosts, producers, and journalists. Currently, Karen takes on the role as Executive Producer at branded podcast agency, Pacific Content.

Eva Sheie, Founder of The Axis

Eva specializes in using her skills as a product marketing leader to create compelling podcasts and stories. Her podcast agency, The Axis, connects patients to great doctors through the power of podcasting. 

Jessica Kupferman, Co-Founder & CEO of She Podcasts

Jessica is the founder of She Podcasts, the largest women in podcasting community.  She’s committed to supporting female-identifying voices in the industry with as much education, mentorship and support as possible. 

Renay Richardson, Founder & CEO of Broccoli Productions

Renay founded Broccoli Productions to bring more minority voices in front of and behind the mic. She made her mark on the British Podcast Space with her 2018 podcast About Race with Reni Eddo-Lodge, the story of race relations in modern Britain, which quickly garnered critical acclaim. 

Kerri Hoffman, CEO of PRX

Kerri has been a non-profit executive for twenty years and is an advocate for podcasting innovation and audience growth. After founding PRX, she also headed up the launch Radiotopia, a podcast network for independent creators. 

Kattie Laur, Founder of Pod the North

Kattie is a freelance podcast producer and consultant who launched Pod the North, a popular bi-weekly newsletter for the Canadian podcast community, a sector of podcasting that was lacking in content and resources! 

Megan Dougherty and Audra Casino, Co-Founders of One Stone Creative

Megan is a digital marketing strategist who has worked with hundreds of business owners over her career, including providing expert services in creating and launching online courses. 

Audra comes from a broadcast background as a performer and a producer. She started at a small radio station and worked her way up, eventually moving laterally into podcasting. 

Together, Megan and Audra launched One Stone Creative, a full-service podcast planning and production service. 

Steph Colbourn, CEO of editaudio

Steph founded editaudio as a direct result of the lack of diverse voices in the podcast industry. She and her team are dedicated to lifting up minority voices and telling their stories through the power of audio. 

Sarah van Mosel, Strategic Advisor at iHeartMedia

Sarah has held multiple executive roles across the podcast industry during her career, including positions at Stitcher and Acast. Sarah is also a founding member of the IAB Podcast Working Group, which established best practices of podcast measurement. 

Currently, Sarah holds the role of Strategic Advisor at iHeartMedia, a leading audio company.

Heather Osgood, Founder & CEO of True Native Media

Heather has a background in radio advertising and business, making her the perfect person to create True Native Media, a platform that matches podcasters with ad campaigns. Whether you’re a podcaster or advertiser, True Native Media supports you within the audio industry. 

Leslie Merklinger, Senior Director of Audio Innovation at CBC

Prior to pivoting to the audio industry and launching CBC podcasts, Leslie spent 3 decades as a television producer. Currently, Leslie teaches radio and television arts at Toronto Metropolitan University and holds the title as Senior Director of Audio Innovation at CBC. 

Julie Adam, Chair of The Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences/The JUNO Awards

Julie is a trailblazer for women in media, having received the Rosalie Award from Radio Trailblazers and the Diversity Champion Award from Women in Communications and Technology. She’s spent her career in radio and has paved the way for many women behind her. 

Celebrating the Quill and CoHost team 

On this International Women's Day, we're thrilled to highlight the incredible women of the Quill and CoHost team. These women are not only innovators, problem solvers, and leaders, but also invaluable contributors to our success. We couldn't imagine achieving our goals without them.

Stacey Orth, COO

Stephanie Andrews, Director of Product 

Alison Osborne, Director of Growth Marketing 

Janey Rowe, Director, PMO and Operations

Brittany Nguyen, Head of Sound Engineering and Product Design 

Sarah Zandbergen, Senior Producer

Mackenzie Patterson, Senior Producer and Content Strategist 

Quincy de Vries, Content Strategist

Katie Brouwers, Web Designer 

Lynn Wangchen, Graphic Designer 

Miranda Furtado, Administrative Producer