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How to Market a Podcast: 7 Essential Tips

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January 26, 2022
Mackenzie Patterson
Digital Content Strategist

With an ever-increasing number of tools, tricks and platforms at our disposal, podcast marketing is becoming more sophisticated every day. These days, it’s not enough to share your episodes on Twitter and call it a day—more and more, listeners are expecting intriguing podcast marketing tactics from brands, so it’s never a bad idea to get creative and think outside the box.

In 2021, podcasters are competing with an expanding pool of brands, creators and artists all hoping to make a name for themselves on the platform. It’s never been more important to do things that help you stand out from the crowd and draw in audiences.

Although there’s always room for experimentation, there are a few non-negotiable elements of podcast marketing today. Here are seven tips to get you started and boost the platform of your show:

1. Know your podcast directories

When it comes to connecting with listeners, it’s essential to be in-the-know about podcast directories. Recently, Spotify surpassed Apple Podcasts as the number one most popular podcast directory, but it’s still quite a close call.

Given this, you’ll want to make sure you have all your bases covered by featuring your podcast on as many podcast directories as possible, but especially on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. Check out our list of the top podcast directories for a run-down of the top platforms.

2. Craft the right materials

When it comes time to market each new episode of your podcast, there are a few materials you or a freelancer will need to craft in time for launch. For example, you’ll want to make sure you’ve pre-drafted social media posts for the most popular platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram, website copy, and stakeholder emails if you’re planning on distributing the episode link to people in your network.

You may also want to consider creating other promotional materials like Audiograms, creative graphics, pull quotes, etc. There are really no limits here—just be sure to upsell the episode so people will be tempted to take a listen.

3. Ask, and you shall receive

Once you’ve crafted all the necessary materials to hit “go” on launch day, don’t be afraid to send a note to people in your network, friends, family members and any other relevant stakeholders who may be interested in the episode, asking them to share it with their networks. If you’re really feeling organized, create a spreadsheet of relevant contacts including their name, email address and relationship to you / the guest so you can simply blast off when the time comes. 

If the episode has relevant or helpful information in it, chances are, they won’t mind sending out an email or a Tweet about it to spread the word. This is especially true if you’ve already pre-drafted a package for them containing emails and social posts as it will save them time and energy in the process.

4. Multimedia sharing is your friend

Although podcasting is an audio-only medium, that doesn’t mean you’re strictly prohibited to only using sound clips to promote new episodes. Get creative and think outside the box when it comes to marketing by trying multimedia strategies like still graphics (which we’ve already discussed), TikTok videos, or YouTube videos.

Maintaining a strong presence on these platforms will set you up for success in the long run by expanding your reach and connecting you with undiscovered audiences.

5. Throw a party

There’s nothing better than using a good old fashioned rager as a marketing tactic. Now that the world is beginning to open up again, an in-person party should be a viable option as a promotional tactic, but you may also want to consider holding virtual get-togethers or a webinar discussion to let people know what your show is all about.

Events are a great way to network and meet like-minded people in your community either way, so there’s really no downside to this marketing tactic.

6. Join online groups and forums

Social media can be a chaotic place, and sometimes, even our best posts can get lost in the noise. A great way to up the ante is by joining an online group or forum where people are consistently engaging in discussions about your topic.

Try sharing new podcast episodes in these online settings (of course, always in a respectful and non-intrusive way) and see the kind of response you get. If you’re adding value to the community, chances are, it will be highly positive. 

7. Run a giveaway

When in doubt, give away some free stuff! Because let’s face it, who doesn't love free stuff?

In all seriousness, a giveaway is an excellent tactic for boosting your social media following and the number of subscribers / downloads on your podcast. With gift cards, tech or cash as the prize, a giveaway is a surefire way to increase your ratings and raise the profile of your pod in a pinch.

Mackenzie Patterson
Digital Content Strategist

Mackenzie Patterson is the Senior Producer & Content Strategist at Quill Inc, and a Toronto-based writer, and journalist. She's always exploring the latest movies, TV shows and wellness trends.

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