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The Top Podcast Analytics Softwares

Last updated on

September 20, 2023

The Top Podcast Analytics Softwares

Discover the top 6 podcast analytics tools any brand or creator should be taking advantage of.

Quincy de Vries


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Measuring your podcast analytics is one of the most important things you can do to  scale and keep improving on the quality of your show. Analytics uncover valuable insights about how your content is performing with audiences and allows you to formulate a winning strategy. Podcast metrics around consumption rates, reviews, unique listeners, and drop off rates will all help inform the way forward. 

In the past three years, podcast listenership has grown 29.5% with experts projecting that over 160 million people will be tuning in this year. It’s a competitive space and to get ahead, you need data! 

That’s why we’re going to cover some of the industry-leading podcast analytics tools to analyze your shows performance. We know it can be overwhelming to figure out which tools and softwares to use because so many options exist – but fret not, we have you covered with our top picks. 

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1. CoHost

CoHost equips brands and agencies with sophisticated tools to boost podcast reach, growth and revenue. With CoHost, creators have access to valuable and unique insights into their audience, performance, and marketing campaigns so they can understand what does and does not drive growth.

CoHost’s ethos is to empower brands with insights to make an impact and measure ROI. CoHost was born after the Quill team continued to realize that podcast tools were disjointed, cumbersome and not built for marketers. The platform offers a seamless podcast solution that equips agencies and brands with tools to drive reach, growth, and revenue. Their client list is impressive and spans everyone from SickKids Foundation, EQ Bank, Uberflip, and Field Trip Health. 

2. Megaphone

Megaphone (by Spotify!) is an enterprise-grade podcast hosting and analytics suite for content creators and brand advertisers. Their client list includes names like WSJ, Disney, Bloomberg, and LinkedIn. Megaphone has a heavy focus on ad targeting and campaign tracking features to help you maximize revenue from your show. Their analytics tools include audience listening and engagement stats and the ability to track downloads by app, city, state, region, and country.

3. Podbean 

Podbean is another popular podcast hosting, monetization, and analytics platform. It provides podcast performance insights such as listeners, downloads, followers, comments, and likes. Podbean also offers data about your audience, such as where they live and what apps they use to access your content.

4. Blubrry

Blubrry offers advanced features for podcast analytics for data-driven performance, certified by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB). Their free plan provides most analytics, and their standard plan includes integrated statistics, listener’s location, device and platform, partial and total plays.

5. Castos

Castos easily tracks podcasts performance insights, such as top episodes, listener’s behavior, demography and more. Castos empowers you to increase engagement, create better content and provide value to your sponsors.

 6. Anchor

Anchor provides a number of interesting monetization features, including an array of pricing structures for your subscribers, as well as the ability to contact your subscribers by email to offer exclusive content. It’s an easy-to-use distribution and analytics toolset that offers advanced analytics data for your listeners on Spotify, including audience engagement stats so you can see where your audience is dropping off. You’ll also get age, gender, geographic, and app data for your audience.

Bonus Tools

  • Spotify for Podcasters. Spotify for Podcasters enables podcasters to track key metrics like unique listeners, followers, starts and streams, average listens and audience stats, which are all important when it comes to analyzing your content’s performance.
  • Apple Podcasts. Apple Podcasts also provides creators with a robust set of back-end analytics like average listener count, top episode and more.

The best podcast analytics tools on the market today are continuously improving the size and accuracy of their datasets, while simultaneously making it easier for advertisers and podcasters to apply the insights and grow their audiences. To learn more or if you’re interested in CoHost, reach out to our team