A Brand's Guide to Podcast Analytics

Elevate your branded podcast with data-driven insights

Designed to equip companies with industry-leading knowledge and tools to navigate the evolving landscape of podcasting.

This report delves into the key metrics, measurement techniques, and industry best practices when it comes to podcast analytics. The goal is to empower brands to harness their data and maximize the impact of their podcast.


Discover key information about podcast analytics, including:

The difference between
downloads and unique listeners

The importance of
episode-specific metrics

How to use tracking
links to measure conversions


A Brand’s Guide to Podcast Analytics will:

Breakdown key podcast
analytics and how to
track them

Provide industry-leading
tips for taking action
with your data

Uncover the power
of podcast analytics
to drive success

Show you how to leverage
cutting-edge analytics tools
like B2B Analytics


Drive reach, growth, and revenue for your branded podcast


Unlock analytics to show who your podcast
listener is and what resonates with them


“Podcast analytics hold crucial significance for brands, offering a clear, data-driven understanding of audience behavior and engagement. They turn raw numbers into actionable insights, enabling brands to fine-tune their strategies, tailor content that resonates, and consistently evolve in step with their audience’s preferences, ensuring their podcast’s sustained success.”

Fatima Zaidi, Founder & CEO, Quill and CoHost

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Unlock the full potential of your podcast and see who’s really listening

Maximize insights into your podcast audience, engagement, and ROI


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Download the full report and uncover insights, benchmarks and more from pro podcasters

Download the full report and uncover insights, benchmarks and more from pro podcasters.


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