Podcast Social Media Calendar

Plan and get content recommendations for your social media platforms

Social media is be a powerful took to grow your podcast when used correctly. But it requires planning and strategy to ensure you stay consistent and engage with your audience.

CoHost’s social media planner gives you the tools you need to plan content while providing recommendations for the type of content you should be sharing across your channels.


Having a strong social media presence for your podcast:

Boosts discoverability

Expands reach

Connects listeners


CoHost’s Social Media Planner will:

Help you
create engaging and
impactful content

Encourage you to have social
assets prepared in advance to
support episode launches

Make it easy to
stay on top of your post
times and dates

Encourage you to have
social assets prepared in advance
to support episode launches


Drive reach, growth, and revenue for your branded podcast


Unlock analytics to show who your podcast
listener is and what resonates with them


“In order to create an impact on social media and support your other marketing channels, you need to stay organized. Planning your content well in advance allows you to have a consistent social media marketing strategy across all your platforms, which ultimately leads to growth.”

Alison Osborne, Director of Growth Marketing at CoHost and Quill

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Unlock the full potential of your podcast and see who’s really listening

Maximize insights into your podcast audience, engagement, and ROI


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Download the full report and uncover insights, benchmarks and more from pro podcasters.


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