Q1 2023 Podcasting Report

Take a deep dive into Q1’s podcasting highlights

In the ever-evolving podcast landscape, 2023 has been full of exciting innovations and breakthroughs already.

Whether you're an agency, company, or marketer looking to level up your branded podcast, this podcast highlights recap will keep you in the loop and on top of the latest trends in the industry.


The Q1 Podcasting Report uncovers key data about the audio landscape such as:

464.7 million

podcast listeners

23.56 billion

The podcast industry market
is valued at 23.56 billion

53 %

of Americans aged 12-54 have listened
to a podcast in the past month


For brands and agencies this report will:

Unveil Q1’s key podcast metrics

Track the evolving podcast landscape through technology like AI

Reveal industry game-changers including new products, features, and shows

Provide you with the most significant podcasting events and headlines


Drive reach, growth, and revenue for your branded podcast


Unlock analytics to show who your podcast
listener is and what resonates with them


“With its comprehensive analysis of listener demographics, content trends, and market dynamics, the Q1 Podcasting Report empowers us to make informed decisions, identify untapped opportunities, and stay ahead of the competition.”

Eric Babakhanian, Director of Audience Growth at Quill and CoHost

Download the full report and uncover latest insights, trends, and more from the podcast industry

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Unlock the full potential of your podcast and see who’s really listening

Maximize insights into your podcast audience, engagement, and ROI


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Podcast Analytics Template

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Without the knowledge of how your podcast is performing, you lack the data to effectively make decisions to improve your content/marketing strategies.

You should be tracking your podcast analytics either weekly, monthly or by episode release.


Download the full report and uncover insights, benchmarks and more from pro podcasters

Download the full report and uncover insights, benchmarks and more from pro podcasters.


2022 Podcaster Insights Survey

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CoHost designed our podcasting platform with audience growth in mind. From SEO-optimized podcast websites, to automatic transcripts that help with search discoverability, and one-click publishing to all listening platforms, growing your audience is easier than ever.

Creators need better podcast analytics

Podcaster tip

CoHost’s robust analytics let podcasters easily see all of their download data in one place, including metrics fromSpotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music and more. Get insights about how your audience is downloading via Campaigns tracking links and comprehensive audience profiles including demographics, consumption rates and popular download times.

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