State of Branded Podcasts Report

Discover impactful insights to help steer your brand in the right direction for podcast success

Branded Podcasts are a rapidly growing and dynamic section of the podcasting landscape, and an increasing number of brands are entering the space and leveraging the power of podcasts.

CoHost’s State of Branded Podcasts 2022 Report helps brands to benchmark their show, justify why they should start a branded podcast, and provide insight into podcast management.


The survey uncovered key information
‍about the pro podcaster landscape:


Of branded podcasts are an
Interview/Discussion style format

21 to 30

Minute long branded
podcasts are the top rated


Of Branded
Podcasts are B2C


The State of Branded Podcasts 2022 Report gives brands and agencies the ability to:

Benchmark their show against
top-performing branded podcasts

Provide insight into
best practices for podcasts

Contextualize the current state
of the branded podcast landscape

Refine their podcast strategy
using up-to-date industry data


Drive reach, growth, and revenue for your branded podcast


Unlock analytics to show who your podcast
listener is and what resonates with them


“We’re trying to reach busy executives who typically don’t have the time to leave feedback or rate our podcast. We measure success based on our Average Consumption Rate, this tells us how much of our audience is engaging with our content.”

Randy Frisch, Host of The Marketer’s Journey by Uberflip

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Unlock the full potential of your podcast and see who’s really listening

Maximize insights into your podcast audience, engagement, and ROI


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Download the full report and uncover insights, benchmarks and more from pro podcasters

Download the full report and uncover insights, benchmarks and more from pro podcasters.


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