State of Podcast Agencies Report

Get insights into the podcast agency landscape including the biggest constraints and opportunities facing them today.

The State of Podcast Agencies 2023 seeks to better understand the agency landscape, covering operational details such as their size along with the constraints and opportunities facing podcast agencies and their clients.


This report will highlight:


of podcast agencies are
struggling with resourcing


Tools are used on average
during a clients journey


Of podcast agencies are using word
of mouth to acquire new customers


For agencies, this report will:

Give data points to
benchmark your company

Provide insight into podcast
agency pain points

Uncover the needs
of agency clients

Explore areas of
opportunity and growth


Drive reach, growth, and revenue for your branded podcast


Unlock analytics to show who your podcast
listener is and what resonates with them


“Podcast agencies have never been more valuable. Brands and their agencies see us as leaders in the space and are looking for a trusted source to lead their podcast creative, audience growth, and project management. Podcasts are still very much seen as a specialized service and podcast agencies meet that need by providing a turnkey solution.”

Roger Nairn, Founder & CEO, JAR Audio

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Unlock the full potential of your podcast and see who’s really listening

Maximize insights into your podcast audience, engagement, and ROI


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Download the full report and uncover insights, benchmarks and more from pro podcasters

Download the full report and uncover insights, benchmarks and more from pro podcasters.


The State of Branded Podcasts 2022

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Since launching, the majority of brands are still producing and releasing podcast content to date, with active branded podcasts releasing content for an average of 3.5 years.

This suggests that brands are finding success in the medium.

Mid-length podcasts are the top-rated among branded podcasts

Key Takeaways From the State of Branded Podcasts 2022 Report

Branded podcasts are still a young medium. Through reports like the State of Branded Podcasts 2022, we’re excited to be able to shed some light on the industry and how podcasts are impacting brands.

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